Helicopter Club of Great Britain host the Queens Cup 2017

Monks and_Barklem_QCThe Helicopter Club of Great Britain was awarded the honour of hosting The Queen's Cup Air Race 2017 by the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom.


UK hosts 1st leg of Helicopter World Cup

348 AeroExpo_2017_lolp_photo_170603__D8E0736_copy

The UK held in the inaugural leg of the  brand new FAI Category II event The Helicopter World Cup at Heli UK Expo at Wycombe Air Park, Marlow, on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June 2017.


2nd place in the Dawn to Dusk Challenge

David Monks from CIG and Flt Lt Rusty Waughman (RAF rtd) have been awarded second place in the Dawn to Dusk Challenge for their flight visiting all of Rustys air bases when he was a Lancaster pilot in WW2.


The oldest holder of an FAI Sporting Licence

Rusty002 2The oldest holder of a Sporting Licence in the World celebrates his 94th birthday today!  Flt Lt Russell "Rusty" Waughman AFC,DFC, Legion D'Honneur is the navigator of UK CIG representative David Monks. Happy Birthday Rusty !!

Pooleys Dawn to Dusk Challenge 2016

2016 10_31_Dawn_to_Dusk_Challenge_copyOne of the oldest pilots to hold an FAI Sporting Licence is Flt Lt Russell "Rusty" Waughman AFC, DFC, Legion D'Honneur of 101 (Special Duties) Squadron of the Royal Air Force. At 93 years of age, Rusty has just completed the unique aviation challenge of the Pooleys Dawn to Dusk Challenge 2016. He flew with UK CIG delegate David Monks in David's Robinson R22 helicopter, G-ZAPY.


22 September 1936: The FAI World Record of Maurice Claisse

maurice claisse 2The Bréguet Dorand aircraft was an experimental helicopter which was built in the Gyroplane Laboratoire in France.


Ten Years Ago Today: Steve Fossett set a gliding world record by flying to above 15,000m

14043-FOSSETT Steve_ENEVOLDSON_Einar-2006_12

Ten years ago today famous aviator Steve Fossett set a gliding world record that still stands today. Flying with former NASA test pilot Einar Enevoldson the pair hit an absolute altitude of 15,460m while flying in mountain wave above the Andes in Argentina.


11 August 1986: The FAI World Record of John Trevor Egginton

Westland-Lynx-AH-1-G-LYNX-FAI-World-Absolute-Speed-Record-holder11 August 1986: A modified factory demonstration Westland Lynx AH.1 Helicopter piloted by Chief Test Pilot John Trevor Egginton set an FAI Absolute Record for Speed for helicopters over a straight 15 and 25 km course of 400.87 km/h (249.089 mp/h) near Glastonbury on the Somerset Levels and Moors, Southwest England.


Peter Sturz

SEIFERT-Wolf-Dieter STURZ-SANDOR-Peter 1971After some years of needing nursing care, long-term DHC member Peter Sturz passed away in Emden (pictured left with his co-pilot Seifert at the World Helicopter Championship in 1971). His passing was also a blessing. But it still leaves his friends and acquaintances as well as our small helicopter family with grief and sadness.


2015 FAI Annual Report released

2015FAIAnnualReportThe 2015 FAI Annual Report provides an overview of all our activities with plenty of pictures. More compact than the previous editions, it includes the competitions, records, awards, our sponsor Breitling, our partner Red Bull Air Race, and much more!


FAI Rotorcraft Commission 2016 Annual Meeting - Main Decisions and Discussions

logo cig_01_cmyk-ptThe 2016 Plenary Meeting of the FAI Rotorcraft Commission (CIG) was held from 10 – 11 March 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The get-together took place in the MSI, the Maison du Sport Internationale, where also the headquarters of the FAI are located.

Please find below the main decisions and discussions during the meeting:


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