Annual Report to FAI General Conference 2004-2005

The last year has been one of mixed fortunes for the Commission. In some respects we have not been able to achieve the targets which we set ourselves. 2005 is the year in which our World Championship series falls. Previously we accepted a bid from the United Kingdom subject to the verification of several important matters, particularly the final entry fee, insurance and the signing of the Organisers Agreement. This resulted nine months before the scheduled date in a revised offer to Host the event, behind closed doors, with no insurance cover. This was unacceptable to the Commission. The French Helicopter Federation stepped in and offered to Host the 2005 Championship at very short notice for which they should be complimented upon particularly as they had a little under six months to complete their arrangements.


Class E (Rotorcraft) Record Ratified.

The following Class E (Rotorcraft) record was ratified by the FAI This week: Claim number : 8286 Sub-class E-1d (Helicopters: take off weight 1750 to 3000 kg) Group 2 : turbine General Category Type of record : Speed over a recognised course Course/location : New York, NY (USA) - South Pole Performance : 11 km/h Pilot : Jennifer MURRAY (UK) Crew : Colin BODILL Helicopter : Bell 406 (1 x Rolls Royce, 675) Date : 16.12.2003 Previous record : new The FAI congratulates the pilots on their splendid achievement. The CIG President, David Hamilton, congratulates Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill on the ratification of their record from New York to the South Pole.


Latest CIG Bureau Meeting Minutes.

The Minutes of CIG Bureau Meeting held on the 2nd September 2004 at Zweibrucken, Germany are now published online at Http://www.fai.org/rotorcraft/meetings/2004/BureauMinutes .

German Open Helicopter Championships

The Championships took place at Zweibrucken, 2nd – 5th September. In very hot weather 26 teams from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain participated. The Senior Event was won by Holger Hoven and Michael Schaeff (Germany) with Dr. Peter Mennel and Martina Mennel (Austria) a very close second. The Junior Championship was won by Marcelle Stegmuller and Jens Scholpp (Germany), the runner up being Maximilian Stoschek and Hubert Gesang (Germany)


Gold Medal for Wolf Dietrich Tesar

The Director of the recent Austrian National Open Helicopter Championships, Wolf Dietrich Tesar, has been awarded, by the Chancellor of Austria, the Gold Medal for Austrian National Championship Organisers.


Message from CIG President David Hamilton

Commission Funds The Commission’s Funds held by FAI are in US$. The Bureau has considered the depreciation in its funds due to the weakness of the dollar. Having taken financial advice, the Bureau has decided that the Commission Funds be held in Swiss Francs, a more stable currency. The existing funds have now been transferred. In future the Commission’s transactions will be in Swiss Francs (CHF). President's Report The CIG President's Report 2003/04 to the FAI General Conference in Madrid is available at President's Report 2003/04.


FAI ratifies new Class E (Rotorcraft) record

FAI has ratified the following Class E (Rotorcraft) record : Claim number : 8285 Sub-class E-1c (Helicopters: take off weight 1000 to 1750 kg) Group 2 : turbine General Category Type of record : Speed over a recognised course Course/location : Fresno, CA (USA) - Los Angeles, CA (USA) Performance : 182.26 km/h Pilot : David G. RIGGS (USA) Crew : Randy B. WALDMAN (USA) Helicopter : Bell OH-58 (1 x Allison 250, 317 shp) Date : 17.12.2003 Previous record : new

CIG meeting minutes published

The minutes from the last CIG meeting are now available online at http://www.fai.org/rotorcraft/meetings/2004 The list of current International judges is also available as a standalone document at http://www.fai.org/rotorcraft/judges

New Helicopter Speed record submitted

FAI has received the following Class E (Rotorcraft) record claim : Claim number : 9172 Sub-class E-1c (Helicopters: take off weight 1000 to 1750 kg) Group 1 : piston engine General Category Type of record : Speed over a recognised course Course/location : Perth, WA (Australia) - Melbourne, VIC (Australia) Performance : 92.55 km/h Helicopter: Robinson R44 - Astro Pilot : Claude MEUNIER (Australia) Date: 08.04.2004 Current record : NEW The details shown are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the


2004 British Open Helicopter Championships

The 2004 British Open Helicopter Championships will be held at Heythrop Park, near Chipping Norton, England on the weekend of 6-7-8th August. The hotel web site is: http://www.heythroppark.co.uk/ For full booking details and information please email Alan Norris: boothjul@aol.com The UK open championships will be run to World rules and a current set of these rules are available to download from the following site: http://www.fai.org/rotorcraft/documents

2004 CIG meeting

The next FAI Rotorcraft Commission (CIG) meeting will take place in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, from 25 to 26 March 2004.