Main decisions taken at the FAI General Aviation Commission 2016 Annual Meeting

logo gac_01_cmyk_300-15The 2016 Annual Meeting of the FAI General Aviation Commission (GAC) was held from 3 - 5 November 2016 in Limassol (CYP).






Find below the main decisions taken during the meeting:

Future competitions



Sporting Code Changes

Few minor changes, mostly editorial changes to the sporting code based on subcommittee proposals.


No nominations

Bureau Elections

President: Rodney BLOIS (GBR)
1st Vice President / Secretary: Hans SCHWEBEL (RSA)
2nd Vice President / Treasurer: Jiri DODAL (CZE)

Subcommittee Chairmen

GAC Precision Flying Subcommittee: Allan HANSEN (DEN)
New GAC Rally Flying Subcommittee: Frank ECKARD ( RSA)
GAC Air Navigation Race Subcommittee: Maurice DUCRET (SUI)
GAC Records Subcommittee: Art GREENFIELD (USA)

Technical Representatives & Special Duties

EnvC: none
World Air Games Liaison Officer: Heinrich SCHAWALDER (SUI)
Webmaster: none
Technical Advisor GNSS: Ralf GRUNWALD (SUI)
Technival Advisor Long Range Air Racing AR: Jean BIRGEN (LUX)

Next Meeting

09 - 11 November 2017 in Paris (FRA).

GAC 2016_meeting_photo_cropped


Pictured from left to right: Visa-Matti Leinikki (FAI), Frank Eckard (Chairman Rally Flying Subcommittee), Hans Schwebel (Vice President/Secretary), Rodney Blois (GAC President), Jiri Dodal (Vice President/Treasurer),  Allan Hansen (Chairman Precision Flying Subcommittee), Maurice Ducret (Chairman Air Nav. Race Subcommittee), Art Greenfield (Chairman Records Subcommittee).

Photo Credit: Hans Schwebel