In this section of the IGC web site (under construction!), you will find the latest version of the handicap list and a collection of technical documents concerning the various glider types appearing in the list.

Please address any questions regarding the content of these pages to the Chairman of the IGC Handicaps Subcommittee.

This <File missing> shows the placings of the different Club Class glider types in international championships from 2001 to 2008.

Click on the links below to access the technical documents. Links are also provided from the handicap list.

Sporting Code Section 3 - Edition 2016  (864.50 kB)12 October 2016
Annex A  (297.52 kB)01 October 2017
Handicaps  (136.50 kB)01 October 2017
Annex B  (215.76 kB)15 February 2016
Annex C  (2.59 MB)22 September 2015
Annex D  (487.85 kB)29 September 2017

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