On-Line Contest

logo_Online_ContestThe On-Line Contest (OLC) is the world’s largest decentralized soaring contest and constitutes an information system for cross-country flying which is updated on a daily basis. Flights which have been registered on a flight recorder are uploaded via an internet gateway and appear immediately in the ranking. No previous flight declaration is required. The flight recorder files are publicly available for downloading and analysis.

Flights with up to six legs (classical OLC) and also triangles based on the FAI/IGC rules (FAI-OLC) are scored. In addition, the OLC provides in the northern hemisphere a decentralized league system with speed scoring.

At present, 29 countries are integrated in the OLC*. Some national aero clubs use their country’s OLC as their own official decentralized competition.

The OLC rules and other information are provided in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Polish and German.

The URL is http://www.onlinecontest.org.

* The Barron Hilton Cup (BHC) also uses the OLC system.

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