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April 10 2017

Birth of a New Event

the FAI World Swoop Freestyle Championships

MoU Swoop_Freestyle

The IPC Bureau is very pleased to announce the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between the FAI (President Frits Brink and Secretary General Susanne Schöder) and the Danish company A Sports, represented by Mr. George Patrick Stribling Blythe;  this is in regard to the creation of the Event:  FAI World Swoop Freestyle Championships, to be run in a Formula 1 format.  It will consist of 20 selected and invited Swoop Freestyle Competitors who will compete over a 2 day period. 

The first competition is already arranged for the 25th and 26th August 2017 to take place in Kopenhagen Harbour (Denmark).  

The final details of the rules, and conduct of the event are currently being worked on.





January 6 2017


A great way to start a new Year


IPC Breaking News: 6000th jump completed at Skydive City, Zephyrhills on January 6, 2017.
6000 jump
if you do not recognize this guy……..
6000 -_a_jump
: ……you may recognize EXI (Dr. Rainer Hoenle) the President of the International Parachuting Commission.
Mission completed.
Photo-Shoot -: Lars Fallesen, Norway, provider of the helmet to showcase this milestone jump.


November 23, 2016


IPC- President’s Report to the 2017 Plenary Meeting of the IPC


Being an „ON“-year for WPCs in 2016 there were First Category Events in all IPC competitions in open air disciplines (except Paraski), as well as a World-Cup in Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying (a world première). Also, there were quite successfull PC INDOOR Skydiving Events 2016 in Formation Skydiving and in Artistic Events in all Indoor Skydiving disciplines.

To remain in line with IPC-Plenary wishes to show IPC-representation on a high level at every IPC First Category Event (FCE) the IPC-Bureau continued this philosophy, but put a different touch to it to the point, that each member of the IPC-Bureau served as an ambassador of the IPC-Plenary on equal terms.

To achieve this, IPC Bureau members were assigned to representative tasks in public whenever possible, while serving as Jury members or as judges, respectively. I am proud to report, that this system worked fine, as it is shown in the list of competitions in 2016 below. Needless to mention the positive effect on saving travel-expenses out of the IPC-resources.

Competitions and other activities 2016 with IPC-Bureau representation:




IPC – Representation  

World Games Test Event 2016

Wroczlaw, POL


Alberto Martin Paracuellos

Meet Director

40th CISM World Military Parachuting Championship 2016

Kubinka, Moscow, RUS


Dr.Rainer EXI Hoenle

Org. invited / Judge

6th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships

Farnham, CAN


Ronald Overdijk

Jury President

Alberto Martin Paraguellos

Jury member

Dr. Rainer EXI Hoenle

Additional Judge

Susan Dixon

Media Liaison Officer

FAI World Parachuting Championships /MONDIAL 2016

Chicago, USA


Dr.Rainer EXI Hoenle

CF Judge

Patrice Girardin

Del. Team Coach

Susan Dixon

Media Liaison Officer

2nd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving


Warsaw, POL


Patrice Girardin

Jury President

Peter Pfalzgraf

Jury member

Susan Dixon


1st FAI World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championships

1st FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying


Zephyrhills, USA


Dr. Rainer EXI Hoenle

Jury member

Susan Dixon

Media Liaison Officer

I also attended the WAG workshop in May 2016 in Lausanne, to disect and digest the outcome and perspectives of the concept of the WAG. The details out of this workshop will be contained in the report of the representatives of the FAI.

 Quite interesting was the experience to be part of the prescom- or ASC Presidents meeting on the island of Crete. This meeting provided an excellent platform for the new IPC-President to meet the counterparts of other ASC within the FAI in a close working session set-up.

It was refreshing to feel the enthusiasm and the activeness of fellow ASC-Presidents, which obviously was nourished by the common involvement and experience gained at the WAG 2015 in Dubai.


 Internally, the Bureau reduced the amount of IPC-Bureau decision by accepting, that issues, which are based on regulations in our rule-books and have been accomplished as written, do not need to be decided if correctly applied. This led to a drastic reduction in Bureau decisions.

Moreover, the process of spending a lot of time in proof-reading and checking event bulletins led to the decision to produce a draft for a bulletin togther with a bid document, where essential text is pre-written already and only needs to be ticked off. Changes to Bulletin-1 will be laid down in an annex to Bulletin-1, rather than issuing a completely rewritten Bulletin-2

In this context, the procedure for the application time and fee has been modified in such a way, that the mid-year deadline was dropped in favour of an extended time frame during which a bid can be handed in. Moreoover, the application amount has been split, and the deposit reduced and simplified to prevent, that a potential organiser has a lot of money tied down for a very long time. Also, the reimbursement procedure has been straightened out, providing more direct paths and quicker release of money, back to the organisr. The same applies to reimbursements for Judges and Jury work.

This is only a short look into what has been started in the first year of this IPC-Bureau and most is pending to IPC Plenary approval, as always.



With the Mondial 2016 in Chicago we started applying the FCE Competition Record Automation process. The train gained slower speed than expected, but the learning curve went constantly up in the automatic recognition of records set at First Category Events.

Thanks to the support of the Secretary General, Susanne Schödel and the IPC Record Officer Randy Connell more than a handful of World and Continental Records could be ratified for athletes at no additional costs for the applicants. The fee is covered through the IPC-Sanction Fees out of the competitions. Towards the end of the year it was agreed to include Continental-Records into the automated approval process also for the benefit of the competitors.


It is my pleasure to report, that the Bureau was successfull in leading more than a handful of pending competition records, which had been left over to be dealt with from the previous Bureau to a happy ratification landing before the end of 2016. Thanks to Christine Rousson (FAI) and Randy Connell (IPC Record Officer).


Cooperation between FAI and IPC is standing on a firm mutual platform of appreciation and respect, both professionally and personally. At the FAI General Conference in Bali FAI President Dr John Grubbstrom’s term as FAI-President ended leaving a well positioned and orchestrated structure of experts in the FAI Office directly under the wings of the newly elected FAI-President from the Netherlands, Frits Brink.

During the Bali FAI meeting in October 2016 surprisingly IPC received the information, that CASI President and IPC President of Honor, Graeme Windsor, had resigned from CASI in the beginning of July 2016.

Other IPC- Bureau-Activities

The IPC Bureau simplified the financial payments for an application to host a FCE. The application date was set for the 1st of December of each year for future years to be decided at the IPC Meeting in the following January. The application fee was split to a lower down payment, followed by the rest-payment of the fee at the Plenary Meeting in the year when the FCE is being held.

The Deposit payment was lowered and simplified depending on the number of disciplines, but will never be higher than € 15.000,00 per a complete event.

IPC loan from IPC to IPETA recalled. Following a meeting with members of the Board of Directors from IPETA, the company which is fully owned by FAI, it became clear, that all plans for the year 2016 to achieve the goal of IPETA to earn money did not materialize. Of the initial loan of € 50.000.00, within less than 5 years after its foundation in 2012

€ 20.000,00 had been spent and not one cent has been earned. With the prospect, that almost € 1.000,00 in administrative fees must be paid each year, just to keep the company alive, the IPC-Bureau decided to call back the loan from FAI, the shareholders of IPETA and to leave it up to FAI to deal with the company, convinced, that it makes more sense to give life to a new company if there is a need arising.

You may miss the involvement of the IPC-Bureau in the upcoming World Games 2017 in Wroczlaw, Poland. By the time you may read this, I am sure, that either Elisabet Mikaelsson(IPC WG-Liaison Officer) or CP-Chair Alberto Martin Paracuellos (WG Meet Director) who were part of the WG-test events in 2016 have reported that all is ready to go.

Instead of taking your time by repeating, what has been on the minds of the IPC-Bureau members, in addition I would like to direct you to the letter, which I had sent on behalf of IPC to the FAI-General Conference 2016 in Bali, Indonesia.

I close with my sincere appreciation of being surrounded by such a wonderful team of individuals who form an outstanding unit, the IPC Bureau 2016, with Patrice Girardin, 1st IPC-Vice-President, Ronald Overdijk IPC-Bureau-member, Alberto Martin Paracuellos, IPC-Bureau member, Peter Pfalzgraf, IPC-Finance Secretary and IPC-First Lady Recording Secretary Susan Dixon. Mon Chapaeu!

Dr. Rainer EXI Hoenle

IPC President

November 22, 2016




2016-IPC-President’s report for FAI GC in BALI

Important activities, projects or events since last FAI General Conference:

1. IPC-Bureau composition

In January 2016 the IPC Plenary restructured the composition of the IPC-Bureau. This brought into office 4 new IPC-Bureau members together with a new IPC-President and the confirmation of an existing Bureau member. Long term previous IPC President Graeme Windsor was accredited as IPC President of Honor.

2. Sports activities

IPC ‘s biggest sporting event in 2016, the „Mondial 2016“ took place near Chicago, USA from Sep 09-20, 2016.

700 competitors in 5 IPC disciplines (except for Paraski, Wingsuit Flying, Canopy Piloting and Indoor Skydiving) gathered on one main airfield for the majority of parachuting/skydiving activities and one nearby satelite landing area for Freefall Style. The organizer succeeded in completing all rounds in each discipline 6 new World records and 9 new Continental records were achieved.

The 6th World Championships in Canopy Piloting were held in Farnham, Canada from Aug 20-27, 2016.

Whilst preparing this report an IPC First Category Event is taking place in Warsaw, Poland; the 2nd World Cup of Indoor Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events from October 09-16, 2016

The year 2016 concludes with the 1st World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championships in conjunction with the 1st Acrobatic World Cup 2016 in Wingsuit Flying from Nov 01-09, 2016 in Zephyrhills, FL, USA.

In preparation for the 2017 World Games in Poland a test-event for all FAI World Games FAI disciplines including Canopy Piloting was held under the umbrella of the FAI in Wroczlaw, Poland in early July 2016, which fulfilled the expectations and provided a promising perspective for the 2017 event. IPC is enthusiastic and ready for presenting Canopy Piloting at its best at the WG 2017.

To conclude, preliminary informal talks were started with the IWGA-CEO pointing to the rapidly evolving Indoor Skydiving IPC event activities as a very potential Airsports platform for a future presentation at the World Games.

3. Pilot project:

Direct FAI World Record Claim procedure :

The Mondial led to the inauguration of a direct documentation claim procedure for Competition World Records, where applicable, in conjunction with Continental Records, to FAI Head Office from the IPC FCE, since all official personal needed for record approval are prepared on site already. Additionally, the payment of the claim application fee is done directly through IPC.

Whilst writing this report, the process has been initiated. More information may be available during the GC.

4. Performance/result presentation

More work needs to be done, particularly in event presentation and also in result creation and presentation. It is obvious, that there is a discrepancy between the possibility to present on the competition side (assisted by Skydive TV) and the limitation when feeding the same presentation online to the FAI server.

The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw are being planned to have a similar set-up as for the Mondial 2012 in Dubai and improved to that which was presented at the WG 2103 in Cali.

5. Proposals (if any) to FAI Executive Board, FAI Head Office or for the next General Conference

  1.   Improve the web site to a standard required to make it the first place for IPC information.
  2.   Install an electronic archive for record achievements including dossiers documentation in electronic form.
  3.   ASC autonomy over the ASC financial account for named ASC-Officials combined with reporting duties and information to FAI        Head Office/Finance Secretary.
  4.   Clarification of status of elected CASI board members, when status as a Delegate or as an ASC President ends during the term. Proposal for all positions: immediate and automatic substitution by the most senior Board member until the next election.
  5.   Revision and specification of FAI-By-Laws 2016 paragraph 1.3 Air Sport Person, especially 1.3.3 and 1.3.4 regarding relationship  with FAI.
  6.   FAI guidance for the determination of a lowest age limit for IPC-competitors engend in Indoor Skydiving in the Junior Category, as windtunnel operators have a legal age limitation as low as 3 years of age.


 6. Outlook to 2017 / 2018 / 2019


- At the World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland, Canopy Piloting has been selected for the 4th time in a row.

 - All IPC Parachuting/Skydiving disciplines, except for Wingsuit-Flying have approved the following FCEs:

-       World Championships in Paraski, St. Johann, Austria

-       World Cup and European Championships in AE, CF, FS, SP, Saarlouis, Germany

-       World Cup in CP, Dubai, UAE

-       Junior European Championships in AL+ST, Podgorica, Montenegro

-       European Championships in AL+ST, Podgorica, Montenegro

-       World Indoor Skydiving Championships FS+AE, Laval, Canada


 - Approved FCEs:

            World Junior FS+AL Championships, Montana, Bulgaria

            World FS+AL Championships, Montana, Bulgaria

- Bids for FCE:

            WPC in AE, FS, CF, SP from Russia and Australia

            WPC in CP, Wroczlaw, Poland

           WCup in IS, FS and AE from Australia, Bahrain, Italy, Norway, Slovakia

- to be decided at the IPC Plenary 2017


 - Bid for WCup in IS, FS and AE from Italy to be decided at the IPC Plenary 2017


 7. Free report


 Date: 27.09.2016


 Dr. Rainer EXI Hoenle

IPC President






November 07, 2016

Dear IPC-Delegates

The end of the year is drawing near and so is the time to hand in any items for the Agenda for the upcoming Plenary Meeting in Faro in January 2017.


If there is nothing you wish to bring forward for the Agenda, you may consider this as a unique opportunity to take advantage of a longer preparation time to host a FCE in 2018 and 2019 by bringing forward a bid for a FCE on or before December 1, 2016.


2017 has not received a bid for a FCE in either Wingsuit Performance Flying or Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying. This is your chance to hop into the ring and have your decision at the Plenary Meeting 7 weeks later in Faro 2017.
For ALL other events there are already bids, which have met the deadline of June 30, 2015 and have been sanctioned in January 2016.

2018 is close to being full also, having room for
-    Wingsuiters in both events.
-    Paraskiers
For ALL other events there are bids already, which have met the deadline of June 30, 2016 see attached table.
This means, if you put forward a bid NOW, you will have more than a year to look for sponsors and to prepare a really good show,

2019 seems to be a long way away, but do not be surprised: There is a bid already on the table to be decided in January 2017 for Indoor enthusiasts in FS and AE.

If you wish to have plenty of time to prepare and to be a host with a vision for the future, December 1, 2016 is your deadline.

The next deadline for 2019 bids will come on at Dec. 1, 2017 and to fill any gaps for 2018.

Dr. Rainer EXI Hoenle

IPC President

IPC - 2018 - List of Bidders for First Category Event

First Category Event

NAC & Bidders Name




fee paid

 World Championship 2018
  FS, AE, CF & SP
 Air Sport Australia Confederation  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia  14. - 22.10 2018  yes
 World Championship 2018
  FS, AE, CF & SP
 Federation of Parachute Sport of Russia

 DZ Voznesenka Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia




 World Championship 2018 CP

 Poland & Aeroclub Wroclawski Ul. Grabiszynska  Szymanow, Wroclow, Poland  01-08.07 2018  yes
 World Cup 2018 IS  Australia & iFLY Downunder  Penrith, Sydney, Australia  09-13.10 2018  yes
 World Cup 2018 IS

 Bahrain & Gravity Indoor Skydiving

 Zallaq, Bahrain  24-28.10 2018  yes
 World Cup 2018 IS  Aero Club d' Italia  &  Aero Gravity Milano  Milan, Italy  18-23.10 2018  yes
 European Championship & World Cup 2018 IS  Norges Luftsportforbund  Voss, Norway  10-15.04 2018  yes
 European Championship & World Cup 2018 IS  Slovakia & Hurricane Factory Tatralandia  Liptovský Mikuláš 5, Slovakia

28.02-04.03 or 31.10-04.11 2018





12th May 2016

HandiFly - France shows the way into the future



France is leading the way in opening up our sport to those with physical disabilities that prevent them from entering our sport in traditional ways.

There are those skydivers who have not allowed their disabilities to prevent them from continuing in their "passion", Martin Jarrett (USA) and Alistair Hodgson (UK), for example, but until now there has been no consolidated organisation to enable this to happen for "first timers".

France has issued an invitation to all the European NAC's (as a start) to  take part in the HandiFly Euro Challenge 22-25 September in Maubeuge and Lille.

The following article was written by Gillian Rayner, (previous France Delegate for IPC and First Vice President, now on the FAI Executive Board):

For the past few years, the French Parachute Federation (FFP) has offered disabled people the possibility to discover skydiving through tandem jumps using a specially designed harness. This has developed gradually and has led to a new discipline during which the disabled person actually takes control of the freefall and performs manoeuvres without the help of the tandem master. This has been called HandiFly.

In 2014, the FFP went a step further and held the first French HandiFly National Championships at the same time and place as the regular National Championships. This was repeated in 2015.

Ten disabled participants took part in this unique event based on Freefall Style: each competitor jumps with an able-bodied tandem master and performs four alternate turns without assistance. The performance is filmed air to air by an accompanying videographer and is judged by Freefall Style judges.

The FFP decided to capitalise on the experience and share the knowledge with other interested parties, whether they are other Federations or individual Tandem Masters.

With the help of a subsidy granted in the framework of the European Union Erasmus programme the FFP is organising the HandiFly Euro Challenge from the 22nd to 25th September 2016 in Maubeuge and Lille.

The event is based around a competition for disabled Europeans but not only......other activities will take place over the four day period and will include

• tandem master training – to educate tandem masters in this particular discipline

• the possibility for some disabled participants to discover indoor skydiving, parascending and HandiFly skydiving.

• Workshops to discuss the activity and how best to develop it and various exhibitions and presentations.

• Large formations including both able-bodied jumpers and disabled tandems

• Demonstration jumps by the French National team

• Broad media coverage including a Press conference

• A closing banquet

This event is an open event and invitations have been sent to all the European Federations and many individual tandem masters. Invitations have also been extended further afield. The event is absolutely free for a large number of participants (if that number is exceeded a contribution will be asked from the other participants). The only cost is travel to Paris, Charleroi, Brussels or Lille Airports train stations. Accommodation will be in Maubeuge where specially equipped rooms will be available for the disabled participants.

The following participants are welcome:

A HandiFly team: comprising a disabled person, a tandem instructor and a videographer.

A disabled person that wants to try this activity, in this case, the organisation can provide the tandem instructor and a videographer, both can jump in more than one team

A tandem master who wishes to learn these new skills

Accompanying persons either with the disabled person (assistant, family member,..) or from the NAC/Federation.

It should be noted that only people with physical disabilities will be accepted, unfortunately people with mental deficiencies may not participate.

The FFP is also willing, upon request, to send one of the national HandiFly instructors to any previously registered country to help them prepare participants/teams for the event. This will be possible from June, July and August 2016 for periods of between 3-5 days.

You will find all official information about the event on the following page:

Handifly Euro Challenge

Watch the video

 SAUTunder canopy

30th January 2016


Following the direction of the Plenary your Bureau sought and found a willing volunteer to take on the role of Financial Secretary.  Here is the personal profile he sent me.

PAP 10 port02optPeter A. Pfalzgraf

Date of Birth: 27th March 1953

Skydiving since 1978

Number of Jumps: 6.300

Instructor since 1979, Tandemmaster 1986 til 1998

Competing since 1979 in Accuracy, FF-4, FF-8 and FF-16, CF-8, CF-4, Rotation, CF-2 and Paraski

Representing Germany at World Meets 1982 til 2012 in CF

Bronce Medal in CF 8-way Speed 1998

Various German records in CF and big formation, currently 214-way

CF World Records in CF, currently 100-way

Staff member of the German Parachuting Committee since 1981 up to date

Currently Vice President of the German Parachuting Committee

IPC CF subcommittee member since 2008

2006-2015 treasurer of the Parachuting Committee of the German NAC, DAeC

Author of the by-laws and the finacial regulations of the German Parachuting Committee after restructuring of the DaeC

Welcome to the team Peti.