World Games 2017 - Bulletin 1 Canopy Piloting



Check out the Bulletin 1 especially issued for Canopy Piloting participation in this huge International Event.

IPC is representing one of the three Air Sport contributions to this, the second largest Inerational Sporting Event, second only to the Olympics.

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New FAI Swoop Freestyle World Championships announced

Swoop1A new FAI Swoop Freestyle World Championships will see its first event in August this year, following a new collaboration between the FAI and a specialist sports company, A. Sports.


Judging Panels - 2017 FCE's

Judges working_the_course-_Klatovy_2011_copy

'Updated'  ************* 11.04.17

The Judges have been selected for some of the 2017 First Category Events.

You will find them on the Documents page under - "Officials, Judges and Delegates", "Judges" or if you use the drop down menu above  "About Us" and then "Judges" or the Judges Information box at the foot of this page - all will lead you to links to the actual panels selected by FCE. 

We now have the final decisions on the World Indoor Skydiving Championlships, Laval, Canada - AE Panel and the World Cup of Wingsuit Flying, Navada, USA.


16th World Para-Ski Championships, St. Johann, Austria - 7-11 March 2017 -Jury Report - Final bits

Kreuzer Karl_-_Austria


The competition is over, and the final administrative tidying up is completed with the Jury Report stating that all was completed satisfactorily.  Report follows this introduction.

In addition loads of pictures from Carsten Thiel have been added to the FAI Flickr site - under a special album:

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Blue skies to all ..






Austrian competitor Karl Kreuzer watching for the spot, last round jump. Carsten Theil photograph


2017 European Championships and World Cups in FS, CF, AE and SP, Saarlouis, Germany, 8-12 August



Bulletin No. 1 is now published for these First Category Events - either follow the link here or go to the Events Calendar and you will find the Bulletin and supporting documents under the links for each Event.


18th ASIANA Parachuting Competition, China, 18-27 Nov 2017



 It will be appreciated if you would please circulate this information amongst all of your friends in skydiving so they may consider to attend the events.


16th Para-Ski World Championships, Austria 2017 - Prize-Giving & Closing Ceremony

the end

With the removal of the FAI flag to hand-over to the next Nation organising a World Championships (the Czech Republic, 2019) the 16th World Para-Ski Championships is formally over.  Before that happened we had the athletes parade through the town of St. Johann im Pongau behind the Military Band of Salzburg and the aerial display by two aircraft from Red Bull Hangar 7; to gather in the town square for the final speeches and medal awards to the new World Champions.


16th Para-Ski World Championships, Austria 2017 - Day 5

Saturday, 11 March 8.30 am

The forecasters were right - a beautiful morning promising a busy day at the Target Area.  It was a glorious ride up the mountain this morning with all the judges and material to set up the target area ready for the first load at 9.00.


16th Para-Ski World Championships, Austria 2017 - Day 4

Friday 10th March 2017:

09.00 htrs

30 something

Para-Ski Results on this link


16.20 hrs  Only 5 more teams to jump to complete the round. That will be it for the day, leaving 3 rounds and the final for tomorrow - and a good weather forecast!


16.40 hrs   Round 3 is completed.  Congratulations to the organisation for making the best of what we had today. 

No 2

15.30 hrs   First jumper lands from the WIDi load - so we have the altitude and we can start round 3 Accuracy. The first jumper is the Single Starter Jiri Cerny, followed by The Netherlands Team, then Mixed Team 1 followed by the Russian Female team.   At least I am sat in a warm office just down from the target area whilst 'Casi' is working with the camera.

9.00 hrs 

Yesterday's weather is still with us this morning, but the organiser is hopeful that we will be able to continue with the next accuracy rounds, and so we are all making our way up the mountain to DZ 1 for 10.00 a.m.

Watch this space ....  The Reality of Standby

optomists Standby a_but_longer
judges standby the young
not jumpable up to__in_snow
weather check Gernot

15.00 hrs

Having had a standby from 10.00 to 12.00 then again for a further hour - finally at 13.30 hrs the decision was made to move down the mountain to the lower DZ and prepare that in the hope the clouds lift enough to make the 3rd round of Accuracy.  It takes about 1.30 hrs to set up the target. 

Tonight there is a Competitors' Meeting scheduled for 17.00 hrs at the Hotel in the Competition Meeting room.

16th Para-Ski World Championships, Austria 2017 - Day 3

Flag flies_in

Thursday, 9th March

13.40 pm

The two Ski runs have been completed despite doubts due to the weather conditions this morning.  The results are just coming in and will be posted as soon as released for posting by the Meet Director.  These will be combined with the scores from the two rounds of Accuracy yesterday to give a competition position at this point.  Do watch our results page for updates:


16th Para-Ski World Championships, Austria 2017 - First day on the mountain

1st canopy_of_the_competition

8th March 2017

The morning started early with the Qualification Ski Run - all went well and the start lists for tomorrow's competition are ready. At 12.00 those at the accuracy target area heard the announcement that the helicopter would arrive in 10 minutes with the first WDI load.