Aviation and Space Anniversaries to Celebrate in 2016

FAI records

FAI will continue to celebrate aviation and space anniversaries in 2016, with various publications and posts in the social media.

Beside the achievements or world records of famous pioneers and personalities such as Steve Fossett, Otto Lilienthal and Alberto Santos-Dumont will also feature extraordinary performances by less known – but nevertheless fascinating – sportsmen and women.

FAI’s oldest competition, the Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett long-distance gas balloon race, will turn 110 this year.



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Date Name Country Category Description Performance


08.02.2006 World Team 2006  Intl Parachuting Largest formation 400 skydivers Current
11.02.2006 FOSSETT Steve USA Powered Aeroplanes Distance 41'467.53 km Current
26.02.2011 STS-133 & ISS 26 crews Astronautics Assembled mass of spaceships linked in flight (Discovery – International Space Station) 515’085 kg Current
29.03.1936 BURZYNSKI Zbigniew POL Gas Balloons Altitude 10’853 m Superseded
12.05.2011 WEXLER Judith* USA Experimental/New Tech. Duration - 1st Human-powered rotorcraft record 4.2 sec Superseded

BYRD Richard

USA Powered Aeroplanes 1st attempt to fly over the North Pole Not a record

MARDNA Toomas*

EST Aeromodelling Distance - Seaplane model aircraft 111.01 km Current
12.07.1936 THADEN Louise USA Female – Powered Aeroplanes Speed over 100 km 176.35 km/h Superseded
23.07.2006 CAZAUX Charles FRA Paragliding Speed over a triangular course of 25 km 41.15 km/h Current
28.07.1976 ELDON Joersz USA Powered Aeroplanes Speed 3’529.56 km/h Current
10.08.1896 LILIENTHAL Otto GER 120th anniversary of the aviation pioneer’s death Not a record


GBR Rotorcraft Speed over a straight 15/25 km course 400.87 km/h Current


USA Gliding Altitude 15’460 m Current
07.09.1956 KINCHELOE Iven USA Astronautics 1st flight above 100’000 feet Not a record
22.09.1936 CLAISSE Maurice FRA Rotorcraft Altitude 158 m Superseded
30.09.1906  * 1st Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett Not a record
12.11.1906 SANTOS-DUMONT Alberto BRA Powered Aeroplanes

1st  officially observed  flight in Europe greater than 25 m

Not a record
13.11.1926 DE BERNARDI Mario ITA Seaplane Speed over 100 km 399.42 km/h Superseded
17.12.1996 STS-80 crew* USA Astronautics Duration
Longest shuttle mission (Columbia)
17d 15h 53m 17s Current

* Separate articles will be published about these records