Judging Panel

Lindy Rochow-Williams (Australia) Lindy_Rochow-Williams Has been involved in the Sport of Skydiving for 22 years, 17 of them as an FAI Judge. As a skydiver she participated in all disciplines, and while freestyle was her preferred event, she can claim 12 Canopy formation jumps in her logbook. She has held an FAI Judges rating in Canopy Formation for 17 years, having judged a total of nine World Championships and two World Cups in that time. She is excited about the "Web Challenge" because she hopes it will draw an interest towards Canopy Formation from the novice as well as the experienced canopy jumper. She feels that the more teams we can encourage to participate world wide the greater the picture of unity we will see within the Canopy Formation group, and a natural progression of growth within the discipline.

Julia_SotnikovaJulia Sotnikova (Russia)  I've been in the skydiving community for about 8 years, first as an interpreter and event organizer, and a CF National Judge for five years. Last year I finally got my FAI Judging rating in CF, thanks to our Chief Training Judge Barry (McAuley) and the CF Committee for their support and persuasion to do the course. I am really happy to join in the start-up of the Web Challenge project. I do believe it will help us a lot to bring more people into the sport and to show how fantastic Canopy Formation can be.

Barry McAuley (Canada) Barry_McAuleyBarry has been involved in skydiving since the mid-sixties and with judging since the late seventies. He has served on numerous judging panels for Canopy Formation over the years and was Chief Judge for CF in Spain 2002, Croatia 2004 and USA 2005. Barry was also selected as Chief Judge for the 13th FAI World Parachuting Championships 2008 in the Netherlands.


 Percy Kristersson (Sweden) Percy_KristerssonI started jumping in 1982. I did my first CRW jump in 1989. I become a member in 1996 of the CReW club. Its goal is to promote CRW jumping in Sweden. I’m also a member of the world record CF team since 2003. I got my FAI judging rating in CF at the WPC in Eloy 1998, thanks to Brenda Reed. I have since then judged at every CF world championships and world cup except in Immola 2000. I think this “Web Challenge” is a good project to get more people to jump and compete in CF.

Bernard Nicolas (France)Bernard_Nicolas About me and my career : I am just retired, before I was a police officer commanding a drug squad. I was till last year responsable of parachute activity for police forces in France. I started jumping in 1988 til 2001. I stopped sky diving after an accident during a meeting. I had around 1800 jumps. I am qualified for judging in France since 1995. Désiré MINGAM was my instructor. In 2004 Roger FLINN ( great thanks ) qualified me in CF and Désiré MINGAM in accuracy and style. I judged in STUPINO and OSIJEK in CF. I am very happy to join the judges panel for the Web Challenge, because I am sure it will be a very good project to develop our sport and specially CF. I am very excited to participate at a new FAI challenge. I hope novice and experimenced teams will have a great interest to show us their skill.

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