CIAM Flyer (05-2013) - Fast Races with Electric Power

ciam flyer 05-2013Electric Pylon Racing is a discipline involving some of the highest speeds in areomodelling. These days, times of around 60 seconds for ten circuits around a triangular course of 400 m, corresponding to speeds of 300 km/h and more, are not unusual.

Back to Basics

Pylon Racing models in the early days of electric flying were built in a similar style as models with combustion engines. They were large heavy lumps weighing 2 kg and more and powered with nickel cadmium batteries (with voltages of up to 45 V). Current rules make for much smaller and lighter models which is an advantage, not only for transport, but also for take-off and landing as these models, unlike corresponding ones with combustion engines, don't use wheels to take off from a runway but are launched by hand. This makes racing events independent of paved airfields.

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