CIAM and CONTEST team up to promote aeromodelling

CONTESTThe FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) and CONTEST, the German company organising the CONTEST-Eurotour series of aeromodelling events, have agreed to closely work together for the good of aeromodelling by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

The common objective is to promote the radio controlled aeromodelling sport-classes, to encourage organisers from FAI members to run numerous high quality events with a maximum number of competitors all over Europe, and to make the aeromodelling sports more popular in the public.

“With this agreement CIAM is looking to stress that cooperation with non FAI-members organisations is possible and desirable. The promotion of our activity is our common target and we have to do whatever is possible to emphasise it,” CIAM President Antonis Papadopoulos said.

Following the agreement, the CONTEST-Eurotour International Series of events now consist of FAI/CIAM Cat-2 events of the F3 Radio Control Soaring (F3B-F3J-F3F-F3K) and F5 Electric Flight (F5B-F5F-F5J) classes. They are carried out according to the current FAI Sporting Code Section 4 (Aeromodelling Section) and are registered in the FAI Sporting Calendar.

In 2014, more than 70 competitions from the CONTEST-Eurotour will be registered in the FAI sporting calendar. They will be held in more than 20 countries and involve more than 1200 pilots.

CONTEST Director Alex Wunscheim stated, “The common interest of FAI-CIAM and CONTEST in aeromodelling brings about increased representation and hence wider recognition of the sport. Based on this partnership, FAI-CIAM and CONTEST will continue to combine their experience and expertise in order to jointly develop and grow the European model airplane scene.

The entire CONTEST team is looking forward to this validation of its past labour, and we tackle the 2014 contest season with renewed momentum and motivation.

CIAM classes

F3B Thermal Soaring                       
F3F Slope Soaring                           
F3J Thermal Duration Gliders         
F3K Hand Launch Gliders

F5B Motor Glider - Multi Task
F5F Cell Motor Gliders Provisional
F5J Electric Motor Glider - Thermal Duration

Full list of CIAM competition classes



CONTEST is a German-based company founded in 1993 which organises 10 different CONTEST-Eurotour series in aeromodelling (F3 Radio Control Soaring and F5 Electric Flights classes), in glider acrobatics and in GPS-Triangle.

About 90 competitions (of which approximately 80 in FAI classes) from the CONTEST-Eurotour take place every year. Additionally, CONTEST runs a special ranking with prizes for juniors to promote aeromodelling within the youth.

(photo by Alex Wunscheim)