Invitation to Express Interest for the Manufacture of F5J Altimeters

CIAM F5JElectronic devices used in competitions for scoring purposes need to be manufactured under specific technical specifications.  Such devices need to be checked for compliance with the specifications and be approved for official use in competitions.

During the December 2103 meeting, CIAM Bureau agreed the formation of the Electronic Device in Competitions (EDIC) Working Group which will be responsible for this task.

The F5J (Provisional) class for Electric Thermal Duration Gliders requires a device to measure the ‘Start Height’ during the launch of the aircraft, this height having an influence on a competitor’s score.  The device is known as an Altimeter/Motor Run Timer (AMRT).

The Technical Specification for AMRTs is published in Sporting Code Volume EDIC which can be downloaded at http://www.fai.org/downloads/ciam/SC4_Vol_EDIC_2014.

Manufacturers wishing to register their interest can contact the EDIC Working Group by e-mailing ciam-edic@fai.org.