CIAM Flyer (4-2016) - Innovation starts at an early age

CIAM-Flyer-4-2016Everyone is talking about innovation. In politics and for the economy, innovation is seen as a
vital driving force for growth. Sadly, we often forget that innovation starts at an early age. The
prerequisites for this are good schooling and, where possible, practical education. Aeromodelling combines the two.

Humans with their curiosity are central

Everyone has a natural curiosity from a very young age which has to be encouraged at school and by our society. Too many rules and restrictive structures not only take over independent thinking, but also cause initiative and imagination to waste away. More and more areas of life are dominated by increasing amounts of legislation, forms and instructions which promote the exact opposite of creativity and innovative energy, i.e. lethargy and dependency. We must be particularly mindful of this when planning activities for young people. Formalism is off-putting!

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