FAI Meet NAA and AMA modellers in Muncie, USA

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A delegation of FAI officials were in Muncie, Indianapolis, USA over the weekend of 10-12 November 2016 to meet with the Academy of Model Aeronautics, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of model aviation in the USA.

FAI President Frits Brink, FAI Secretary General Susanne Schödel and FAI Aeromodelling Commission President Antonis Papadopoulos met AMA President Bob Brown at the AMA headquarters in Indianapolis over three days.

They also met Greg Principato, the new President and CEO of the USA’s National Aeronautic Association (NAA).

The delegation from FAI, together with the leadership of the Aeromodelling organisations of Argentina and Canada, met with the AMA Executive Council and discussed the FAI’s and AMA’s current and future projects.

The focus was on regional issues that are currently affecting the organisation of, and participation in, FAI events.

In addition, FAI officials also presented the concept of the (World) Air Games with its combination of several air sports disciplines and its potential for public interest.

Also under discussion was the way the FAI is addressing the new air sport of Drone Racing (also called FPV, first-person view) globally.

Chris Thomas, CEO of MultiGP, an event series in FPV Racing, was also in Muncie and the Saturday saw an FPV race organised by MultiGP at the AMA’s International Aeromodelling Center. Some 40 pilots from the region took part, and the race was closely followed by all those present.

Founded in 1936, the AMA is the official national body for model aviation in the United States.

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From left to right: NAA President Greg Principato, FAI Secretary General Susanne Schödel,
AMA President Bob Brown, FAI President Frits Brink and FAI Aeromodelling Commission President Antonis Papadopoulos.

Photo Credits: Antonis Papadopoulos