CIAM Flyer (6-2016) - Short Climb, Long Glide

CIAM Flyer_6-2016_sIn recent years, electric flying has seen the totally unspectacular emergence of a new electric glider class (F5J). It is characterised by its large (maximum span of 4 m) but very lightweight RC glider models (800 to 1500 g) equipped with relatively small electric motors (approx. 500 W).

Quietly attractiv

Spectators, both laypersons and aeromodellers, are amazed every time they see the beautiful, colourful and graceful gliders simultane- ously and virtually noiselessly climbing in groups of six or more models. It is a beautiful sight to behold. For tactical reasons, not all competitors let their super-planes climb to the same altitude. Depending on weather conditions and associated upwinds, pilots attempt to position their glider models in the best locations. Those who manage to keep going for the full 10 minutes after shutting down the motor at a lower altitude have the advantage. Frequently, several gliders can be seen in the same area of upwind and they are often joined by large birds of prey circling in the air with their man-made companions. Nature at its best.

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