01 Jan 1970

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: 01 Jan 1970

Five minutes with FAI Drone Racing World Cup event organiser Laurent Khong
Game-changing FAI World Air Games’ global impact measured in latest Sportcal GSI Event Study
The view from below: Gordon Bennet Event Organiser Stefan Handl’s take on this year’s race
Test Event in Canopy Piloting for next year's World Games - Results
Prague Crowned the First World Champions in Indoor Skydiving - Two of the titles were Won by the French
Symposium on Medical Challenges in Extreme Air Sports and in Aviation as Side Event to the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015
10th EC & 11th WC Artistic Events, 13th EC & 20th WC in Formation Skydiving, & 1st EC & 2nd WC in Speed Skydiving Teuge, September 2015 Delegations A - Z
End of the 13th FAI European Microlight Championships
Event Website for the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015 Now Up and Running
10th EC & 11th WC Artistic Events, 13th EC & 20th WC in Formation Skydiving, & 1st EC & 2nd WC in Speed Skydiving Teuge, Netherlands 7-12 September 2015
Event Calendar's Bug
World Parachuting Accuracy Landing and Canopy Formation Events in Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Asian Beach Games Test event for Paragliding Accuracy, Thailand, Phuket
Anti-doping FAQs for competitors and event organisers
FAQ for Event Organisers
France AS & FS Delegation
Finland AL & FS Delegtion
Delegation List for Canopy Formations
Delegation List for Artistic Events
Delegation List for Formation Skydiving
Bulgaria Delegation
Results, Press Release & Full Report - World Games Test Event 2012 - Cali, Columbia
Print Event Detail
CIA Event Development Service (EDS) Subcommittee
6th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Kuncice: great event for a discipline on the rise !
CIA Event Calendar Detail
CIAM Event Calendar Detail
CIG Event Calendar Detail
CIMA Event Calendar Detail
CIVA Event Calendar Detail
CIVL Event Calendar Detail
Event Calendar Detail
FAI Event Calendar Detail
GAC Event Calendar Detail
ICARE Event Calendar Detail
IGC Event Calendar Detail
IPC Event Calendar Detail
Aeromodelling Events Calendar and Information
Ballooning Events Calendar
Event Calendar
FAI Event Calendar
GAC Event Calendar
Hang Gliding and Paragliding Events Calendar
ICARE Event Calendar
Parachuting Events Calendar
Event Detail Article
13th FAI World Para Ski Championships, Gosau, Austria - Pre-event build up
Invitation for the 32rd Ljubljana Cup - Final SM World Cup Event in 2010
Junior Event - Medal Winners
2010 Space Models World Cup Current Placing Lists - after event No 18 - Yangel Cup (UKR)
CIA Event Development Service (EDS)
World Air Games 2009 : Microlights Test Event Completed
World Air Games 2009 : Ballooning Test Event Completed
Results - Speed Event
Results - Distance Event
Female Event Results - Individual and Junior
Accuracy Event - Team Results
A Seminar For Event Directors
FAI Seminar for Event Directors
Zar event completes 5th Grand Prix series
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