Paramotor Slalom Champion: Alex Mateos

Alex-Mateos-Gold-FAI-Slalom-600-400Alex Mateos won the 2nd FAI European Slalom Paramotor Championships in Spain in June. This was only the second time this competition has been held in this rapidly evolving discipline.

Competitors must fly low and fast around a course of inflatable pylons, racing against the clock as they make their way around the circuit. The circuit changes each time, getting progressively harder and more complicated. Half way through the competition a cut is made, which means only the top 16 go through.

Those pilots then fly another series of knock-outs, until the winner is revealed.

Alex Mateos is that winner. A French pilot he won three Gold medals at the competition, showing his dominance of the sport.

Already FAI Paramotoring World Champion in classic competition, he won Gold at the FAI World Air Games in Dubai last December, and is hotly tipped to do well at the FAI World Paramotoring Championships in England later this year too.

“Beautiful weather allowed us to fly every morning,” Alex said after his win in Spain. “And it was a very productive result, with three Gold medals.”

Those medals were for individual foot-launch, individual trike, and in the relay racing team. Foot-launch is where the pilot launches from a standing position; trike is where the pilot flies a small buggy on wheels; and relay racing is where one pilot must complete the circuit before their team mate goes next.

“I thank my  racing teammates Nicolas Aubert, Jeremy Penone and Francois Blanc,” Alex said.


France is one of the strongest nations in paramotoring, with lots of recreational pilots and a committed approach to training. “I thank our team leader Pascal Valley whose seriousness and professionalism mean we have progressed so well,” Alex said.

FAI Paramotoring has two different disciplines: Slalom and Classic. Since last year Slalom competitions must be held over water for safety reasons. At the moment one of the only venues in the world that is set up for that is Bornos, in southern Spain.

“The level of Spanish pilots has increased,” Alex observed. He also noted that the over-water rule is a good one. “Some of the pilots ended up in the water, sometimes spectacularly, but always without consequence. They all quickly picked themselves up again after drying out. It’s a pleasure to fly over water!”

After the European Slalom Championships Alex’s focus turned to the French Class Championships, which started on 27 June. After that it’s the FAI World Championships in the UK. “Then I will bring you some more news!”

Solo foot launch
Gold: Alex Mateos, FR, MacFly Thor 250, Ozone
Silver: Wojciech Bogdal, PL, EC Extreme WB Proto 250, Dudek Snake
Bronze: Bartosz Nowicki, PL, Technofly Thor 250, Dudek Snake

Solo trike
Gold: Alex Mateos, FR, MacFly Thor 250, Ozone
Silver: Wojciech Bogdal, PL, Extreme WB Proto 250, Dudek Snake
Bronze: Ramón Morillas, ES, PAP Moster 185, Niviuk Dobermann

Nations overall
Gold: Poland
Silver: France
Bronze: Spain