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FAI Colibri Badges are international standards of achievement and proficiency. They encourage pilots to continue to acquire experience after having gained their pilot licence by, for instance, participating in longer distance flights, increasing the total number of hours flown or competing in FAI competitions.

There are four levels of Colibri. The prestigious Diamond Colibri is awarded by the FAI Microlight Commission itself for holders of the Silver Colibri badge or higher for an outstanding flying achievement in the sport of microlight flying.

FAI Colibri badges are awarded by your National Airsport Control (NAC) and not directly from the FAI Head Office.

The rules governing the awarding of Colibri badges can be found in the Sporting Code, Section 10.

[Note: 'colibri' is the French word for 'hummingbird']

Colibri Badge holders



2.3 Colibri Proficiency Badges

2.3.1 The FAI Colibri badges are standards of achievement that do not require to be renewed. The qualifications are the same in every country.

2.3.2 Each NAC shall keep a register of badge flights that it has validated, and shall inform FAI of the names of pilots gaining the gold badge. FAI shall maintain a register of gold and diamond awards on its website.

2.3.3 Qualifications and Requirements Bronze Colibri

a) 20 hours solo on Microlight or Paramotor aircraft including at least 50 flights.

b) 3 precision landings within 10 m of the centre of a given spot or 3 precision landings with engine on in the landing deck, scoring at least 50 points during an official competition (A4 2.C1).

c) 1 precision landing within 20m of the centre of a given spot from a height of 300m (1000ft) AGL with the throttle fully closed or 1 precision landing in the landing deck with engine stopped, scoring at least 50 points during an official competition.

d) Two cross country flights of distance dM x 1 over a triangular course, one with an outlanding at a designated point along the route, or achieving a positive score in 2 navigation tasks flown in an official competition. Silver Colibri

a) 100 hours on Microlight or Paramotor aircraft including at least 200 flights.

b) 2 flights to approximately 300m (1000ft) AGL, stop engine(s) complete a 360° turn and land within 5m of the centre of a given spot, or 2 precision landings in the landing deck with engine stopped, scoring at least 200 points during an official competition.

c) Four cross country flights of distance dM x 2 with any landing or turn points pre-declared. The courses may be straight, dog-leg (1 turn point), out and return, or triangular (2 turn points), or achieving a positive score in 4 navigation tasks flown in an official competition. Gold Colibri

a) 300 hours on Microlight or Paramotor aircraft.

b) Have competed in two National or FAI recognised international Microlight or Paramotor competitions as pilot-in-command.

c) Complete a tour of at least the distance dM x 14 to a pre-declared flight plan within 7 consecutive days. The route to contain at least 3 control points which the aircraft is observed to overfly or where a landing is made. Only the final landing of the tour may be made at the initial departure point.

d) Hold one of the following:

• National Microlight or Paramotor instructor rating;
• National Microlight or Paramotor record (or have held such a record);
• National Microlight or Paramotor seaplane rating plus two 75 km cross country flights on a seaplane;
• Have participated in an FAI first category event, as pilot-in-command. Diamond Colibri

A CIMA award, with inauguration 1st January 1990, for an outstanding Microlight or Paramotor flying achievement. The following special conditions apply:

a) Applicants or nominees must be qualified to at least silver badge standard.

b) In the case of two person crews, the pilots should have equal or equivalent aviation experience, and both should be necessary crew.

2.3.4 General Conditions All flights for Colibri badges must be flown on Microlight or Paramotor aircraft (S10 1.3). A pilot must be alone in the aircraft on each flight, other than during navigation tasks in an official competition and for the requirements for the gold and diamond. A flight may count towards any badge or qualification for which it fulfils the requirement. Badges may be awarded only in the correct order: bronze, silver, gold. A diamond may be awarded to silver badge holders. A precision landing is a touchdown and staydown landing with no damage to aircraft or pilot, or in an official competition the first touchdown with no damage to aircraft or pilot. Distance is measured from the touchdown/staydown point of the main wheels or, in the case of landings in a landing deck in an official competition, the first touchdown. To count for badge each leg of a cross-country flight must be completed in not more or less than 15% of the pilot's properly calculated flight time for that leg. Barographs are not required. A Sporting Licence is not required for badge flights. Only a single course may be declared for any flight. dM is the distance the aircraft can fly in nil wind in one hour at the manufacturer’s published cruise speed. Evidence of dM must be provided as part of the application for a Colibri award Evidence during official competitions shall be collected by FR records.

2.3.5 Control of Badge Flights Evidence shall be confirmed by the official observer or the FR record. The number of flights and hours shall be by pilot declaration.

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