CIMA Plenary 2016 news

CIMA Plenary_news-1The 2016 CIMA Plenary took place on 10 -12 November in Kaohsiung (TPE), generously hosted by George Cherng and the Chinese Taipei Aviators League.

FAI Sports & Events Director Markus Haggeney joined 24 delegates, alternates and observers at the Grand Hi Lai hotel to discuss a wide range of topics and amendments to the Sporting Code.

The programme concluded with a visit to the Pintung Airpark, the local centre for paramotoring, complete with flying displays and the chance to meet and mix with local paramotor enthusiasts.

Meetings started on Thursday morning with a CIMA Bureau meeting for final preparations and to consider last minute items. The microlight and paramotor subcommittees then met in the afternoon; the meeting minutes will be available soon through the FAI website.

The plenary agenda is available on the FAI website.

The weekend was dominated by very constructive discussions on a wide range of topics, in particular the FAI strategic plan to develop air sports in order to meet the demands of media, host cities and sponsors.

  • Paramotoring is in the programme for the IWGA World Games in July 2017 in Poland and the format of the event along with the selection procedure for athletes were both agreed. The IWGA World Games offer the opportunity for CIMA to show the world’s media that paramotoring is an exciting and attractive event with a bright future.
  • CIMA currently use AMOD GPS loggers to track flight performances; production of these devices has come to an end and now CIMA is looking for a replacement with greater functionality to provide live tracking of tasks. CIMA had set aside a budget for development work; FAI planned an IT working meeting at the FAI Head Office the following week and live tracking was on the agenda - along with how we deliver results from our championships. CIMA agreed to work with other commissions in order to find the best solution for the future.
  • The 2016 FAI European Paramotor Slalom Championships were successfully concluded in Bornos (ESP), thereby becoming the first CAT1 event in which slalom was flown uniquely over water.
  • The double FAI World Microlight & Paramotor Championships had taken place in Popham, England. Special mention was given to the French paramotor team who won 9 medals and also to Paul Dewhurst (GBR), winning his 10th FAI gold medal in international championships.

Future championships

  • 2017 FAI European Microlight Championships, Nag, (HUN),
  • 2017 FAI European Paramotor Championships, (CZE),
  • 2017 FAI Asian Oceanic Paramotor Championships (THA)
  • 2018 FAI World Paramotor Championships (THA)
  • The 2018 WPC will use the scoring system first seen at the Asian Beach Games 2012 where scores are given according to ranking; this enables instant scoring and the concept was very successful and well received in 2012.
  • CIMA became the first FAI commission to create a working group with the specific aim of concentrating on the FAI Air Games Series and how to prepare microlight and paramotor events to be included in the programme.
  • CIMA recognised the cost, borne by organisers, of sending officials to CIMA events and the 2017 CIMA Bureau were tasked with investigating the possibility of remote jury members, perhaps with a Jury President on site and other jury members available remotely.
  • Delegates gave the CIMA Bureau some flexibility between plenaries to use a portion of CIMA financial reserves according to need. One example would be branding CIMA athletes and officials at the IWGA World Games 2017 - a topic not yet covered but now the Bureau could decide to provide financially for uniforms or other CIMA-branded items.

The Ann Welch Diplomas were awarded to

  • Microlights - Jan BEM and Lucie DOLEJSOVA for their time to climb to 6000m, ID 17728
  • Paramotors - Barry HOLLERAN for his speed over a closed circuit, ID 17694
  • CIMA Historian Tom GUNNARSON gave his presentation on the history of CIMA, recorded digitally in order to make it more available and relevant to today’s CIMA members.


President: Wolfgang LINTL (GER)
1st Vice President: Rob HUGHES (GBR)
2nd Vice President: Nayot KURUKITKOSON (THA)
Treasurer: Rohaizi MD HUSSIN (MAS)
Secretary: Barney TOWNSEND (GBR)
Microlight SC Erzsebet VIZAKNAI (HUN)
Paramotor SC Wojtek DOMANSKI (POL)

CIMA Plenary_news-2

The next CIMA Plenary will take place on 23-25 November 2017 in Lausanne (SUI).
Thank you to all involved in a very productive and constructive series of meetings. Thank you also to our hosts for providing an excellent meeting platform. See you next year!

Rob Hughes