Useful Information

You are a competitor and wish to know what "whereabouts" and "RTP" mean?

You are an event organizer and wish to know exactly how a doping control is conducted?

You are simply someone who wants to know more about the concept of doping and fight against doping?

Here is all the necessary information you need.

General concepts 


At-a-glance leaflet

  • Want to know more about the general concept of doping? Click here.
  • Want to know more about what a TUE (Therapeutic use Exemption) is? Click here.
  • Want to know more about the concept of whereabouts? Click here.
  • Want to know how a doping control is conducted? Click here (and check video below)

These leaflets can be reproduced by FAI members and event organizers. If you wish to receive the production file (or simply a high resolution pdf version), please contact the FAI Anti-Doping Manager.

FAQ (created by the FAI and dedicated to air sports community)

Q&A (created by WADA for athletes of all sports)


  • Wanna play an interactive computer game that tests athletes’ knowledge about anti-doping? Play the Play True Quiz!
  • Wanna simulate real situation? Play the Play True Challenge! You will be presented with a series of conversations with your coach, teammates, doctor and many others and confronted with choices about doping and the consequences of your choices. The choices you make will have an impact on your ability to perform in the mini-game.
  • Wanna learn more aout health and anti-doping? Connect to ALPHA (Athlete Learning Program about Health & Anti-Doping) (more info on ALPHA here)


  • Wish to see how a doping control is conducted? Watch the dedicated video.

WADA Digital Library

The WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) created this digital library in an effort to make its information and education tools more accessible for stakeholders. When visiting the library, you can choose your status (like athlete or coach) and find all the appropriate information for your type of audience.