PILOT PROFILE: 60 seconds with hang gliding champion Christian Ciech

Christian-Ciech-Favio-Tebaldi rszChristian Ciech is one of the most successful pilots in competition hang gliding, and was FAI European and World Champion at the same time in 2016. We spoke to him…


23 July 2006: The FAI World Record of Charles Cazaux

cazauxOn 23 July 2006, 10 years ago, French pro paraglider Charles Cazaux set a FAI World Record when he reached 41.15 km/h in the category “Speed over a triangular course of 25km”. In April 2010 he broke his own FAI World Record with 46,8 km/h which has not been superseded. He holds still multiple FAI World Records and knowing him, we are sure more is about to come from the French Paragliding Champion.


Seven steps to success: an acrobatic paragliding masterclass with FAI World Air Games winner Tim Alongi

23474709841 6306630ae2_kFrench paraglider Tim Alongi, 24, is the new FAI World Air Games Paragliding Aerobatics Champion.

Alongi also won the silver medal in the Sychronised Paragliding Aerobatics competition, along with his partner - and solo silver medallist - Eliot Nochez, also from France. 

When we caught up with Alongi afterwards at the Palm Dropzone in Dubai, he gave us his seven top tips for acro paragliding success.


Nicole Schmidt sorts the men from the boys

imgo copyNicole Schmidt from Germany, has been flying paragliders for 11 years. For the last six she's been performing aerobatic tricks, or "acro". It's a discipline very few women attempt, and this year Schmidt, 35, won the female World Championship.

We found out what it takes to be the only female acro pilot jumping out of the helicopter here at the FAI World Air Games.


US Paragliding Aerobatics pilot to unveil new tricks at FAI World Air Games

Max-Marien-JPGIt's rare to find competitors from the US in Paragliding Aerobatics competitions. The sport of paragliding has a relatively small following there, and there are few pilots who embark on the niche daredevil discipline of performing aerobatic manoeuvres in the sky.

One American who does compete is relative newcomer Max Marien, 27. He has come all the way from San Diego in California to Dubai to compete with what he says is a trio of new stunts he's developed. "They've never been seen in a competition before," he said ahead of the contest in the United Arab Emirates.


4 August 1985: Larry Tudor, the “Part Bird”, who Flew a Record of a 4’343 Meters Gain in Altitude with a Hang Glider

Tudor photo_1985

Today marks the 30th anniversary of an FAI Word Record made by an American pilot described as both “Part Bird” and “Skygod” and who is perhaps one of the finest Hang Glider pilot for tandem or solo flights: Larry Tudor. A fidgety Californian, he has been pushing the edges of how far hang gliders can go since the air sport's early days in the 1970s. During his long career, Tudor set a total of ten FAI World Records and the one we are commemorating today has not yet been broken.


World Games 2013 athlete's profile: Nunnapat Phuchong (THA)

Name Nunnapat PHUCHONG  PHUCHONG Nunnapat
Sport Accuracy Landing
Gender F
Ranking 88
Nationality THA
Year of birth 1987
Start year in the sport 2008
Experience 1000/1000/500
Best achievement in competition 85


World Games 2013 athlete's profile: Matjaz Feraric (SLO)

Name Matjaz FERARIC FERARIC Matjaz
Sport Accuracy Landing
Gender M
Ranking 3
Nationality SLO
Year of birth 1961

Experience over 10,000 flights
Best achievement in competition World Champion


World Games 2013 athlete's profile: Dimitar Ralev (BUL)

Name Dimitar RALEV RALEV Dimitar
Sport Accuracy Landing
Gender M
Ranking 4
Nationality BUL
Year of birth 1962
Start year in the sport 1992
Experience over 3000 hours
Best achievement in competition European Champion 2012


World Games 2013 athlete's profile: Andreas Schubert (GER)

Name Andreas SCHUBERT SCHUBERT Andreas2
Sport Accuracy Landing
Gender M
Ranking 75
Nationality GER
Year of birth 1970
Start year in the sport 1990
Experience 5500 hours
Best achievement in competition First place!


World Games 2013 athlete's profile: Elisa Manueke (INA)

Sport Accuracy Landing
Gender M
Ranking 6
Nationality INA
Year of birth 1961
Start year in the sport 1999
Experience 6720 jumps
Best achievement in competition Third place in PGAWC Germani & Superfinal PGAWC Austria 2012

What equipment do you use?

Hook 3

What do you hope to achieve at The World Games?

Gold Medal

How do you describe yourself ?

I work as an eye doctor in the Indonesian Airforce. They support me very much

What does air sport mean to you?

When I fly it makes me feel small in front of of God. Makes good character, diciplines and keep healthy. Knowing my limits. Whenever I have time, I fly.

What plans do you have for after The World Games?

Join the PGAWC Competition. And national competition.

More about the athlete

A long-time hang glider and paraglider pilot, Elisa Manueke (52) from Indonesia was first attracted to Paragliding Accuracy just three years ago when the sport first started in Asia.


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