CIVL Proficiency Badges

CIVL proficiency badges have been in place for many years. They are standards of achievement, intended to provide a graduated scale of difficulty to measure and encourage the development of a pilot’s flying skill, particularly in cross-country flying.

The Bronze badge should be achievable by most pilots within the first year of active flying, with the Silver following in the next year or two. The Gold badge should be achievable for most pilots within the first five years of cross country flying. The Diamond badge should be achievable by perhaps half of all pilots within ten years of flying.

Badges are issued ONLY by the appropriate NAC or federation, which validate the flights and order the badges.

Badges cannot be ordered by individual pilots as long as CIVL/FAI has no contractual agreement with an online flight verification provider.

Bronze, silver and gold badges (pins or patches)

They are supplied in packages containing 10 pins or badges.

Diamond badges (pins only)

In this category, CIVL requires track logs of all flights. Claims with track logs should be sent to Igor Erzen.

How to order proficiency badges

  1. Download and open the CIVL Proficiency Badges Order Form.
  2. Indicate the quantities of articles you wish to order in the "Order Form" sheet (yellow-shaded areas).
  3. Complete and sign the "Payment Instructions" sheet.
  4. Send your completed "Order Form" and "Payment Instructions" to FAI by post, or fax at +41 (0)21 345 1077.

List of CIVL proficiency badges holders


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