IGC Awards 2005

The Lilienthal Gliding Medal

Awarded for a particularly remarkable gliding performance or eminent services, to a currently active glider pilot who has established an international record during the past year, or made a pioneer flight, or rendered eminent services to the sport of gliding over a significant period of time. Ian Strachan (United Kingdom) has spent a lifetime in aviation, including development of motor glider instructional techniques and identification and publication of GPS-based turning points. Chairman of IGC’s GNSS Flight Recorder Approval Committee (GFAC) since inception, he led the evaluation and approval of many flight recorders, ensuring systems validity and integrity for records, badges, contests and everyday flying. Ian served many years as BGA delegate to CIVV/IGC, and UK delegate to, and Secretary of, CASI. His skills brought completeness and precision to the Sporting Code. Ian developed proposals for the FAI statutes wording to improve clarity and understanding. Through dedication and attention to detail Ian has greatly influenced the UK and international gliding and FAI community.

The Pirat Gehriger Diploma

Awarded for eminent services to international gliding, Martin Simons (Australia) is widely regarded as a leading world authority on gliders and vintage gliders in particular. Martin has contributed numerous technical articles and books including the histories of Slingsby sailplanes, Schweizer sailplanes and world sailplanes between 1908 to 1945. Martin’s recent publication of three volumes is the most definitive and comprehensive coverage of the world's sailplanes for the period 1920 to 2000. He has assisted the formation of the Vintage Glider Club of Europe and Vintage Gliders Australia, flown over 100 different glider types, been an accomplished competition pilot and was editor of Australian Gliding for 10 years. Fransois van Haaff (Netherlands) has made an outstanding contribution to the national and international gliding community. Mainly in his roles for the EGU, many years as chairman and since 2001 as Technical Officer Airspace and Equipment, and his role for EAS, also as Technical Officer Airspace and Equipment, he has shown for many years to be of great value in organising and lining up national and international interests, giving lectures, as well as in representing very effectively the gliding community to the international authorities (e.g. Eurocontrol and in various working groups and task forces). Especially his enthusiasm for our sport in combination with an excellent in depth knowledge in a variety of areas, but especially in Airspace and Flight Equipment, makes him a well accepted gliding personality. Apart from his international contributions Fransois is an inspiring instructor for new pilots, technical engineer for flight equipment, and has hold many important positions in the Dutch gliding community at club and national level.