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The IGC Plenary meeting took place in the city of Luxembourg on 26 – 27 February 2015.  There were 35 countries represented.  Members of the Plenum and their guests were welcomed by the Luxembourg Delegates, Carlo Lecuit and Arny Weber.  Of special note was the attendance by the Delegate from China, Zhaofang Han.

We were honored by the presence of FAI President John Grubbstrom.


There was much discussion about the current and future inflight use of data, including tracking, collision avoidance, and the tactical use of remote detection of other aircraft.  In the end, there were no changes to the Sporting Code regarding the use of data communications.

Three 12-month studies were commisioned, one for a review of the competition scoring formulas, one for the mathematical methods used in flight evaluation, and one to review the decision to include the 20 metre Multi-seat Class in the individual Ranking List.

There are 53 types of IGC approved Flight Recorders.  The detection of propulsion in electric gliders will be challenging.

The Organiser of the 2nd FAI World Gliding Championship in the 13.5 metre class was forced to withdraw.  The IGC Bureau is engaged in finding an alternate venue for the competition, scheduled for the northern summer of 2017.

We learned that EASA is receptive to the idea of an independent "rulebook" for gliders and balloons, to contain all the regulations for these two categories.  This is welcome news.


The Director of the Gliding Event at the 2015 World Air Games, Roland Stuck, presented the very successful "Glider Match Racing" event to the Delegates.

Stefano Ghiorzo, member of the Italian delegation and current World Champion in the 13.5 metre class, described a new concept in gliding:  a lightweight electrically-powered motorglider suitable for touring, and in which the use of limited stored energy would be allowed.

In the CIMP Report, Dr. Juergen Knueppel made recommendations about accident preparedness.

President of OSTIV, Rolf Radespiel, described the new organisation of OSTIV.

Reiner Rose gave the 2015 Online Contest report: 15K pilots, 117K flights, 32M kilometres, 110M website clicks.

The featured speaker was Margot Acquaderni, President of Aero Club Adele Orsi. She described the history of ACAO and the experience of hosting the World Sailplane Grand Prix Final in Varese, Italy, in September 2015.

Badge and Record Rules

Only one change to the main section of Sporting Code Section 3 was approved this year:  the loss-of-height rule was removed from the requirements for the 5-hour duration legs of the Silver and Gold Badges.

Competition Rules

These changes were made to Sporting Code Section 3, Annex A:

    • Relaxation of Contest Number marking requirements
    • Increase of maximum takeoff mass in the 20 metre Multi-seat class to 800 kg (effective immediately)
    • Small change to the Team Cup calculation
    • Option to use "predetermined start times" in competitions

And these proposals will return for voting next year:

    • Use of airframe parachutes
    • Certification of nationally regulated aircraft
    • Devaluation of “distance” days
    • Adjustments to Ranking List calculations
    • Ending the practice of extra invitations for reigning Champions
Future Competitions

2017 Pan American Gliding Championships in 15 metre and Club Classes awarded to Argentina.

2019 European Gliding Championships in Open, 20 metre Multi-seat, and 18 metre Classes awarded to Poland.

2019 European Gliding Championships in Standard, 15 metre, and Club Classes awarded to Slovakia

2019 Junior World Gliding Championships in Standard and Club Classes awarded to Hungary

2019 Women's World Gliding Championships in Standard, Club, and 18 metre Classes awarded to Australia.

2019 World Gliding Championship in the 13.5 metre Class (motorgliders only) awarded to Italy.


Lilienthal Gliding Medal:      Rainer Wienzek (GER)

Pirat Gehriger Diploma:       Roland Stuck (FRA)

Pelagia Majewska Medal:   Margot Acquaderni (ITA)


IGC President Eric Mozer thanked the Delegates for their commitment to our Sport and wished them safe travels home.

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