Judy Leden multiple champion and record holder

JudyLeden wIf you added up the number of miles this world champion aviatrix has covered during her thirty-year career in hang gliding and paragliding, the total would stretch several times around the equator. With multiple world records and gold medals to her name, Judy has built a world-wide reputation for her skill, fearless determination and passion for free flight.

Current holder of three FAI world records, (including the absolute altitude record and tandem balloon drop altitude record), Judy has also a long list of successful aviation achievements to her name.

Competition successes include winning the Women's World Hang Gliding Championships in 1987 and again in 1991. She has been British Women's Hang gliding Champion six times. In 1995 she won the Women's World Paragliding Championship.

In May 1994 Judy flew a microlight from England to Jordan, a 2,250 mile expedition raising over £100,000 for the Cancer Research Campaign. Six months later, Judy broke the World Hang Gliding Altitude Record by being towed to 41,307 feet by a hot air balloon. Judy broke the World Tandem Altitude Record for hang glider balloon drops, in November 1998. Judy also broke the Tandem World Aerotowing Altitude Record being towed aloft by a microlight, reaching 11,020 feet.

In 2003 Judy and her husband, Chris Dawes spent 6 weeks in Patagonia making a documentary about flying with Andean condors.

In October 2002, Judy became Leonardo da Vinci's test pilot when she flew a glider, built from his 500 year old drawings. It was made using only materials that da Vinci would have had access to - a linen sail with a frame of black poplar and bamboo, held together with leather straps and hemp string.

Judy's autobiography is called "Flying with Condors" and these days, she co-ordinates and performs flying events for films and television and teaches hang gliding and paragliding. Judy lives in Derbyshire with her husband, Chris Dawes and their fourteen year old daughter and twelve year old son.