13 November 1926: The FAI World Record of Major Mario de Bernardi

Major Mario_de_Bernardi_

One of the last records we would like to commemorate this year comes from an Italian pilot, famous in civil and military aviation:

On 13 November 1926, 90 years ago, Major Mario de Bernardi set the FAI World Record in “Seaplane - Speed over 100km”. He flew his Macchi Racer S.39 with a speed of 399,42 km/h during the (Jacques) Schneider Trophy at Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Virginia (USA).

Full dossier: http://bit.ly/249mD3l

Major Mario_de_Bernardi_in_the_Macchi_Racer_S_39

Major Mario de Bernardi in the Macchi Racer S.39.