Charles Cazaux 2011 World Paragliding XC Champion

charlescazaux2011 cropCharles Cazaux (FRA), FAI World Paragliding (cross country) Champion 2011, and FAI World Record holder (speed over FAI triangle, 25km and 50km).

Born in France in 1978, Charles started to fly at 15 years old and took part in his first international competition in 1996 as wind technician. He says: "Since I was 10 years old, when I used fly kites, flying was my dream. I used to watch these big butterflies in the sky in the Morzine valley for many years, and finally had the opportunity to join the dance".

When Charles entered the paragliding competition scene, he was focused on the big stars of the day such as Hans Bollinger, Patrick Berod and Bruce Goldsmith. Just 2-3 years later he was flying with them and in a short time, started to catch them up in the world ranking. Modest, Charles claims not to be a particularly talented pilot just a hard worker - for more than 10 years! He has taken the time to talk to the best pilots, trained hard, watched the sky attentively and approached nature with respect.

During his most recent stay in Morzine he found the best teacher of all, a huge eagle high above the valley, a true free flyer. "I was flying with him in the thermal and he was showing me how to get the best climb... More than a dream!"

Charles Cazaux took the gold medal at the 12th FAI World Paragliding Championships, Piedrahita, Spain in 2011. Previously, he came 11th in the FAI European Paragliding Championships, Abtenau, Austria.