Johan Gustafsson




Dala-Järna, Sweden


I am currently studying at the University College in Borlänge to become a machine engineer.

Years in Gliding

 5, since 2006

Years in Gliding Aerobatics

3, since 2008

Hours of Gliding per year


Best results

  • Swedish champion sportsman 2008,
  • Swedish champion intermediate 2009,
  • Unofficially Swedish champion power sportsman 2009 (flying a Super Decathlon from behind without licence)
  • Swedish champion Advanced 2010,
  • Nordic champion Advanced 2010,
  • World champion Advanced 2010.



What brought you to gliding ?

My dad has always been flying and I have been flying with him ever since I was as young as 1 year. I was flying aerobatics with him for the first time when I was 7 years old in his Zlin 526f.

How would you describe yourself as a glider?

I am not an extreme performer but prefer to be classed as more of a precision pilot.

What is you best gliding memory?

The World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships in Jämijärvi 2010.

Where is the best place you have ever glided?

I have not flown in that many places, but Jämijärvi was a nice place! Otherwise I think I like Dala-Järna best, because we have no controlled airspace above the airfield so that is good for soaring and aerobatics. If you want the do some cross country gliding the conditions are often very good.

What is it about gliding that you like the most?

Energy management, to do the manoeuvres that you didn’t know were possible without an engine and to make them visually pleasing for the judges.