About the FAI Amateur-Built Aircraft Commission (CIACA)

The role of the FAI Amateur-Built Aircraft Commission (CIACA - Commission Internationale des Amateurs Constructeurs d'Aéronefs) in FAI consists of the promotion of design, construction and operation of amateur and home built aircraft, and the restoration of vintage aircraft. In particular, the most profitable activities and achievements of CIACA can be hereinafter summarized:

Experience exchange

The experiences successfully achieved in the countries where the movement is well established are shared and made available to all interested delegates. Especially to those of countries where their C.A.A. are most severe and close-minded.

In some instances official actions are taken in order to give the relevant national authorities the view of FAI.

There have been cases such that the international "pressure" applied by CIACA on the public and authorities opinion has contributed in making them more sensitive to the Aircraft Homebuilders movement.

Homebuilding regulations

Countries where the homebuilding regulations are not defined yet can take advantage of CIACA shared knowledge for having possible effective reference for developing their own regulations and/or internal organization.

Harmonization/Recognition effort

Especially for European countries an harmonization effort is carried out, aimed at a future unification of the international rules. For instance, a continuous effort is devoted in order to achieve a complete “mutual recognition" by all European countries as far as homebuilt aircraft border crossing is concerned.

Rationalization and share of common information

The widest participation in CIACA's meetings allows to continuously improve the availability and sharing of useful information, otherwise unreachable. For instance, international data bases are being established and progressively enlarged thanks to delegates contributions. (e.g.: list of amateur-built aircraft per type and per country, list of international amateur-built aircraft events etc. ...)


As a result of the dialogue with other FAI Commissions actions are sometimes undertaken, aimed at enlarging the aeronautical culture and at promoting new constructions. This was the case, for instance, when the FAI "Aviation and Space Education Commission (CIEA)" suggested undertaking initiatives aimed at encouraging the youth participation in aeronautical activities. To this respect CIACA is suggesting to stimulate initiatives of homebuilding aircraft in Universities and schools. In particular the Akeflieg experience will be shared soon thanks to the participation of Herr Jannes Neumann, president of Idaflieg, roof organization of all Akaflieg's in Germany, one of that organization's manager who will give a presentation during next annual meeting.


The FAI Amateur-Built Aircraft Commission (CIACA) meets once a year at an Annual Meeting to discuss and work on the Amateur-Built Aircraft and its development.

Each FAI Member Country may appoint a Delegate with the right to vote at the Plenary Meeting.


Between annual meetings, the FAI Amateur-Built Aircraft Commission is run by the Bureau, which consists of the President, 2 Vice Presidents and the Secretary. The Bureau is elected by the Plenary Meeting.

The Bureau is elected during the annual meeting of the FAI Amateur-Built Aircraft Commission.


Each FAI Member Country can appoint a Delegate to the FAI Amateur-Built Aircraft Commission and participate in the work of the commission.


FAI Medals and Diplomas are awarded each year at the Opening Ceremony of the annual FAI General Conference.

The FAI Awards for Amateur-Built Aircraft are the following:


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