Unique Unmanned Plane Sets Duration World Record


UAV2017The VA001 flew for 56 hours without refuelling – setting a new world record for flight duration.


CIACA goes ahead with smartflyerchallenge


The future is electric: Not only on the ground, in the air as well. Electric driven planes are already reality.
To support the electrical mobility in aviation and to emphasize their relevance, the first Fly-In for electric powered aircraft will take place at Grenchen Airport (LSZG) on 9 and 10 September 2017.


Electric-flight record heralds new era of aviation

IM2016060880CO 300dpi_rszWalter Extra, the famous aerobatics pilot behind the Extra series of aerobatic planes, has set a FAI world record in the new field of Electric-powered planes. Launching from Schwarze Heide Airport near Dinslaken, Germany, on 25 November 2016 he flew a unique, battery-powered plane and climbed to 3,000m in a time of 4mins 22 seconds.


Done! Solar Impulse 2 completes First Round-The-World Solar Flight and writes Aviation History!

2016 07_26_Si2_completedThey did it! After over 12 years of research and design, Swiss pioneers Dr. Bertrand Piccard (Initiator, Chairman and Pilot) and André Borschberg (Co-founder and CEO and Pilot) finished the first round-the-world solar flight, powered only by the sun with no fuel or polluting emissions. After 17 months since the first departure in March 2015 in Abu Dhabi (UAE), they landed at its original take-off point at this morning, 26 July at 02:05 CET (00:05 UTC, 04:05 Local Time). Since the beginning of the adventure, FAI has received 19 world record claims from the Solar Impulse Team.


Solar Impulse 2 closes in on Circumnavigation with Cairo Arrival!

2016 07_13_Solar_Impulse_Pyramids

On its historical journey around the world, Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) – the solar airplane of Swiss pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg – landed in Egypt after a flight of two days and two nights (48 hours and 50 minutes) without fuel. This was the 16th leg, which crossed the Mediterranean Sea from west to east and covered a distance of 3'745 km (2’327 miles) powered only by the sun. Besides being the penultimate leg towards it starting point in Abu Dhabi (UAE), it was the last flight for André Borschberg who hands over the cockpit to Bertrand Piccard to finish the first ever Round-The-World Solar Flight.


Solar Impulse 2 on penultimate journey to Egypt!

2016 07_11_2015_06_29_Solar_Impulse_2_RTW_8th_Flight_Nagoya_to_Hawaii_TakeOff_Revillard_6194_thumbAndré Borschberg took off for his last flight on the adventurous trip around the world in a solar airplane at 06:20 CET, (04:20 UTC, 00:20 Local Time) today, 11 July 2016 from Seville International Airport (ESP) to Cairo International Airport (EGY). André's flight time is expected to last approximately 50 hours and 30 minutes, before he is handing over the command to alternate pilot Bertrand Piccard, who will conduct the last flight to the finish line in Abu Dhabi (UAE).


Bertrand Piccard’s New York - Seville Flight: Performance Notifications Received by FAI

2016 06_23_Solar_Impulse_ATLANTIC_Landing_in_Sevilla_Bertrand_Piccard_and_Andr_Borschberg_Revillard__1398_thumb_2The FAI has received the following performance notifications from the Solar Impulse team, following Bertrand Piccards’s flight from New York (JFK International Airport), USA, to Seville (International Airport), Spain, with the solar-powered aeroplane “Solar Impulse 2”. 


Bertrand Piccard is on his way back to Europe!

2016 06_20_2016_03_09_Photo_Shooting_BP_Hawaii_Revillard-17_1_thumbSwiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard is following Charles Lindbergh’s path as he took off from JFK International Airport in order to cross the Atlantic Ocean – one of the most challenging legs of the circumnavigation!


Real-life ‘Daedalus’ unveils plaque to historic human-powered flight

Daedalus-Arrives-SantoriniKanellos Kanellopoulos, a Greek cycling champion who became a record-breaking aviator, has unveiled a plaque to the historic 1988 human-powered Daedalus project in Greece.


FAI Amateur-Built Aircraft Commission 2016 Annual Meeting – Main Decisions and Discussions

logo ciaca_01_cmyk-ptThe 2016 Annual Meeting of the FAI Amateur-Built Aircraft Commission (CIACA) was held on 21 May 2016 at the Maison du Sport International in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Please find below the main decisions and discussions during the meeting:


Solar Impulse 2 completes short hop to Pennsylvania

Th2015 02016_05_26_3_10_Solar_Impulse_2_RTW_2nd_Flight_Muscat_to_Ahmedabad_Take-off_Stefatou-07_thumbe Swiss-made solar plane Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) with Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard in the pilot seat landed safely in Lehigh Valley International Airport in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He arrived earlier than expected after 16 hours and 47 minutes on 26 May at 02:49 CET (12:49 UTC on 26 May, 21:49 Local Time on 25 May). This flight marks the completion of the fourth leg of their US journey and 13th leg of the total circumnavigation bringing the aircraft to New York City’s doorstep.


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