Bertrand Piccard’s New York - Seville Flight: Performance Notifications Received by FAI

2016 06_23_Solar_Impulse_ATLANTIC_Landing_in_Sevilla_Bertrand_Piccard_and_Andr_Borschberg_Revillard__1398_thumb_2The FAI has received the following performance notifications from the Solar Impulse team, following Bertrand Piccards’s flight from New York (JFK International Airport), USA, to Seville (International Airport), Spain, with the solar-powered aeroplane “Solar Impulse 2”. 

Sub-ClassType of RecordPerformanceDateClaimant
CS* Straight along Course

5850 km


Bertrand Piccard (SUI)
CS Duration

71 hours 08 min


Bertrand Piccard (SUI)

C-d VI** Great Circle Distance

5739 km


Bertrand Piccard (SUI)

The performances were monitored by FAI Official Observers to ensure that they were made according to the Sporting Code of the Federation.

They will be ratified as World Records by FAI after examination of the full record files.

The FAI congratulates Bertrand Piccard and the whole Solar Impulse team on this splendid achievement.

2016 06_23_Solar_Impulse_ATLANTIC_Landing_in_Sevilla_Bertrand_Piccard_and_Andr_Borschberg_Revillard__1398_thumb

 * Class C-S: Solar-powered Aeroplanes
** Class C-d VI: Electric – powered Aeroplanes

Photo credit: Solar Impulse

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