Jean-Marc Badan appointed new FAI Secretary General

Jean-Marc_BadanJean-Marc Badan, the previous FAI Sports Director and Deputy to the Secretary General, has been appointed as the new Secretary General of the FAI – the International Air Sports Federation. He will formally take up his appointment in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 1st October 2011.

Following the announcement in July of the resignation of Stephane Desprez, the FAI Executive Board started a comprehensive recruitment process, and evaluated a number of highly qualified applicants.

During the last Executive Board meeting which took place this weekend in Arcinazzo, Italy, the FAI Executive Directors have unanimously decided to select Jean-Marc Badan as the new FAI Secretary General.

Jean-Marc Badan, 47, joined the FAI more than 9 years ago, after having flown as an airline pilot for more than 10 years with the former Swissair Airlines. Amongst his activities as a volunteer, he has been a member of the Board and Vice President of the Aero Club of Switzerland, as well as Chairman of the Gruyere Airfield (SUI). He therefore has an extensive knowledge of the aviation industry, the Air Sports environment and more particularly of the FAI infrastructure and governance.

Dr. John Grubbström, FAI President, commented: “Over the past few months the FAI has been engaged in a new management and change process. With the appointment of Jean-Marc Badan, we are very confident that the FAI is now ready to take another major step in bringing the FAI forward.”

On learning of his appointment, Jean-Marc Badan said: “I am very pleased and proud to be taking over this challenging position at the FAI. The FAI and Air Sports not only have a glorious history, but still have a lot of potential for developing new and exciting events in the future. I hope that the experience I have gathered over the past years, especially during the preparation of the 2009 FAI World Air Games, will be of value to all our air sports and members worldwide. I am looking forward to continuing to work with the FAI Family and really believe that, by joining our efforts, we are ready for take-off !”

The FAI Executive Board is convinced that Jean-Marc Badan will contribute promoting air sports throughout the world and further strengthen the FAI’s public profile in the sporting and aviation communities.

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