Public Construction of an Amateur-Built Aircraft at the World Air Games 2009

CIACA_at_World_Airg_Games_2009This is the story of a big adventure a group of young aircraft builders experienced in Italy during the World Air Games 2009. The project started in 2007 as the FAI Amateur-Built & Experimental Aircraft Commission (CIACA) discussed how to participate in the World Air Games 2009 in Turin (ITA).

The idea of building an aircraft at the World Air Games in front of the public soon emerged. It would be a one-week project, starting with boxes on the first day and ending with a test-flight on the last day. The aircraft would be built from a kit available on the market, and construction would be achieved by a group of young volunteers from around the world.

Mr. Agùst GUDMUNDSSON, CIACA Alternate Delegate for Iceland and Co-leader of the project together with the Italian experienced aircraft homebuilder Mario Pozzini, tells the story of the project (CIACA at the World Air Games 2009) that raised much interest from public and media during the World Air Games 2009.

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