Main decisions taken at the FAI Amateur-Built and Experimental Aircraft Commission 2012 Annual Meeting

logo ciaca 01 cmyk-ptOn Sunday 22 April 2012 the members of the FAI Amateur-Built and Experimental Aircraft Commission (CIACA) gathered in Friedrichshafen, Germany, for the first annual meeting of the CIACA since it was converted from a Technical to an Air Sports Commission.

CIACA President Alfons Hubmann presented what had happened in the past year. He gave a review of his presentation to the full audience of the FAI General Conference in October 2011 in Belgrade, showing the origin of amateur aircraft building from Daedalus and Icarus, Leonardo da Vinci, Father Gusmão, the Wright Brothers, Santos-Dumont and many more – all heroes and inventors in the evolution of aircraft. He reminded the CIACA Delegates that even today all those associations and aircraft builders connected with CIACA are still contributing worldwide to the development of new technologies and new power sources; therefore he proposed to support all these visions and creative efforts by creating CIACA task forces and working groups for “new technologies”, “new and sustainable power sources” and others. Furthermore, the newly acquired “Air Sports Commission” status brings with it the obligation to create a sporting code and call for competitions!

FAI Secretary General Jean-Marc Badan, also present at the meeting, wished the "new" CIACA a successful start and explained the rights and duties of Air Sports Commissions. He also reminded CIACA's specific scope of activities as defined in the FAI By-Laws (3.6) :

  • Actively cooperating and exploiting synergies with the other Commissions
  • Contributing to the aims and objectives of FAI (such as education activities, regulatory matters, cooperation with FAI Commissions and Member organisations, etc.)
  • Promoting the design, construction and operation of Amateur-built / Homebuilt experimental aircraft, as well as the reconstruction and restoration of vintage aircraft
  • Establishing and keeping current Sporting Codes and Rules for aircraft building competitions and/or flying competitions open to amateur-built/homebuilt experimental or restored aircraft
  • Cooperating with the other FAI Air Sport Commissions in view of achieving international records using amateur-built/homebuilt experimental aircraft
  • Providing technical expertise and advice to FAI, its Members and Air Sport Commissions
  • Promoting the achievement of sporting performances with aircraft using new technologies
  • Providing watch on new technologies

An interesting discussion followed regarding the creation of new competitions, the promotion and development of new technologies and sustainable energy sources, which will be increasingly used in the aviation world.

It was then decided to lengthen the terms of the Bureau Members from one to two years with the aim of facilitating the implementation and follow up of long-term projects.


The Phoenix Diploma (Individual) was awarded to Mikael CARLSON (SWE) for the construction of a Fokker D.VII.

CIACA - Phoenix - SWE - Mikael CARLSON - 2011 002 sMikael CARLSON's Fokker D.VII. replica

The Phoenix Group Diploma was awarded to Stephen SLATER and Matthew BODDINGTON (UKR) for the reconstruction of a BE2c replica.

CIACA - Phoenix - GBR - Slater-Boddington-2011Stephen SLATER and Matthew BODDINGTON's BE2c replica

Bureau Elections

President : Alfons HUBMANN (SUI)
1st Vice President : Catherine DARTOIS (FRA)
2nd Vice President : Hermann EIGNER (AUT)
Secretary : Elaine FECHER (GER)

Next Meeting

The next annual meeting of the FAI Amateur-Built and Experimental Aircraft Commission (CIACA) will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2013 (date to be advised).

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