New 2012 FAI Annual Report just out !

2012 FAI Annual Report coverThe FAI has released a new publication, the 2012 FAI Annual Report, designed to present the most notable achievements, developments, facts and challenges of the past year. It is meant to be a reference book for all those who are interested in air sports events and the FAI.

It includes an overview of each air sport, lists of competition results, awards and records, photographs and a lot of other useful information.

FAI President John Grubbström stated, "To display all the sports and activities of our federation in one single document is an impossible challenge. Our ambition is to showcase the extraordinary diversity and plurality of the FAI and the air sports community. Furthermore this new all-embracing format enables newcomers, volunteers, air sports participants and fans to quickly discover our federation or keep updated with some of our most significant activities and events.

When reading the report you will see that 2012 has been a rich and eventful year, whether it be for the various performances and events (from Baumgartner’s parachuting records to the victory of Mamistov at the 18th FAI European Aerobatic Championships to name a few) or for the many activities and initiatives within the FAI Head Office and Commissions."

Table of Contents

- President’s Foreword

Air Sport Commissions

- Aerobatics CIVA
- Aeromodelling CIAM
- Amateur Built & Experimental Aircraft CIACA
- Ballooning CIA
- General Aviation GAC
- Gliding IGC
- Hang Gliding & Paragliding CIVL
- Microlights & Paramotors CIMA
- Parachuting IPC
- Rotorcraft CIG
- Astronautic Records ICARE
- Air Sport General Commission CASI

Technical Commissions

- Airspace & Navigation Systems CANS
- Aviation & Space Education CIEA
- Environment EnvC
- Medico-Physiological CIMP

Achievements & Statistics

- Events & Athletes Statistics
- International Records
- Awards Ceremony
- FAI Young Artists Contest

General Information & Projects

- General Conference
- Marketing & Sponsorship
- Expert System

Annexes & References

- List of 2012 Competition Results
- List of 2012 International Records
- List of 2011 Awards
- List of Members
- FAI Structure

- Credits

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