The Juniors at the 2016 FAI S World Championships for Space Models in Lviv, Ukraine

learning to_make_rockets“Yesterday was stressful,” says 11 year old Ashley Van Milligan. “My engine wasn’t lighting and you only have a limited amount of time.” Van Milligan is one of six under 18s competing with the American team, and one of 65 from 11 countries.


Technology at the 2016 FAI S World Championship for Space Models

preparing for_take_off_DSC_7999

Although this years World Championship for Space Models is being held in Lviv, Ukraine, anyone with an internet connection can follow the event.


First results at the 2016 FAI S World Championships for Space Models

kreutzDSC 8069Results of today - Friday, 26 August 2016


USA Tops the Final Medal Table of the FAI World Air Games

FAI Medal - Small ImageThe United States has finished at the top of the medal table at the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015, with 7 gold medals, 4 silver and 6 bronze. USA led a tight battle with France which just missed the top by 1 gold medal and takes second place with 6 gold, 10 silver, and 2 bronze medals. Russia came third with 6 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze.


Flying high: final FAI World Air Games medals awarded

airshow-end-wagsTwelve sets of medals were awarded at the Closing Ceremony of the FAI World Air Games in Dubai, as the sun set on the two-week event celebrating air sports from around the world.


Aerobatic F3N Model Helicopter contest hots up

23282838349 9807ae8e3f_kIt's a tight race for first in the F3N Helicopter Freestyle/Music Style competition, as the field of nine aeromodellers battle it out with aerobatic manoeuvres that fling their 700mm rotor-span model helicopters around in the air.

The championship is made up of two freestyle rounds and three rounds set to music.


Gold for Prokofjevs in the combat aeromodelling

22980632643 9d87b69844_k"Thanks to my dad, who builds the best planes in the world," said Latvian Aleksandrs Prokofjevs after beating Jussi Forss from Finland to win gold in the F2D Combat Model Aircraft contest at the FAI World Air Games in Dubai.

The father-and-son team fought off stiff competition from 15 other countries, flying their control-line model planes at 160km/h and slicing sections off rivals' tail streamers to score points.


Aeromodelling victory for Australia

22976934763 65808ab8b9_k"This is the peak," declared Bruce de Chastel as he fought back tears after clinching the FAI World Air Games title in the Aeromodelling F3T, or Semi Scale Pylon Racing, final. "I didn't even dare to dream about this. It's too much."

De Chastel, partnered by his wife Linda, who helped at take off and called out turn times through the race, said he was surprised to have made the final. He had planned to fly a steady race hoping for third place.


Gladiators of the sky

23533389875 80c147c019_kIf you think that flying model aeroplanes is a gentile or leisurely pass time, then you've never seen the semi-contact sport of control-line combat aeromodelling.

The planes dart back and forth, buzzing about faster than mosquitoes. They're controlled by pilots standing with their rival in a two-metre circle, their planes whirring at 160km an hour around them on the end of a control line.


A view from the FAI Environmental Commission

22840829084 13feb2610f_kWriting about environment in a huge, desert city born out of oil and gas history can be a challenging task - if you only look backwards.

There is no doubt that the level of comfort and the fantastic infrastructures here come at a price. The high level of fossil energy needed to start the process and run the day-to-day operations cannot be viewed lightly.


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