FAI Drone Racing World Cup

The FAI Drone Racing World Cup concerns the F3U class (Radio Control Multi-rotor FPV Racing)

2017 World Cup calendar



2017 World Cup documents and results

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At the moment, 13 events are taken into account. For those events, 381 participants from 33 countries (AUS, AUT, BEL, BLR, BUL, CRO, CZE, ESP, FRA, GBR, GER, HKG, HUN, INA, ITA, JPN, KOR, LAT, LTU, LUX, MKD, NED, NOR, POL, POR, SIN, SUI, SVK, SWE, THA,TPE, UKR, USA) are placed.

Note: Results of the  the 2017 Kyiv Rotor Cup (10 to 12 June) cannot be taken in account.The organizer has justified the problem by a storm with heavy rain which has  damaged the serverwithout any possibility to restore the datas.





1  ZAMORA CABAÑAS Alejandro (Junior) ESP 118
HAHN Andreas
GER 105
GROUT Thomas (Junior) FRA 82


Final 2016 World Cup ranking

229 competitors are placed in the World Cup from 17 countries (AUT, BEL, CZE, DEN, ESP, FRA, GBR, HUN, KOR, NOR, POL, POR, RSA, SLO, SUI, SVK, USA)







BEL 114
2 COUTURIER Benoit FRA 110
3 BASTIN Maxime BEL 82

 Drone Racing World Cup Award Cermony - CIAM Plenary Meeting- 28 April 2017 in Lausanne

F3U WC_Award_Ceremony_2017

From left to right:: Bruno Delor(1st CIAM Vice-president & FPV Racing Subcommitte chairman) - Vinv=cent DELCOMMENE (2016 Drone racing World Cup winner) - Antonis PAPADOPOULOS (CIAM President)


Drone Racing World Cup rules

FAI Sporting Licence

Every person who competes in a FAI contest must have a valid FAI Sporting Licence according to FAI general rules. This requirement only concerns the competitors (FPV pilot) and not the helper of a FPV pilot.

The FAI Executive Board has  taken note that the CIAM F3U class is provisional and Drone Racing is developing very fast globally. There is a need to accommodate this fast growing sport in FAI and help connect the Drone community to international air sports.

The FAI Executive Board has decided that in 2017 the FAI Secretariat can temporarily – limited to the calendar year 2017 - issue FAI Permissions to individuals who wish to to compete in international events in FPV Racing (F3U, Drone Racing) sanctioned as Category 2 event as defined in GS SC 4.4.2 and The individuals have to declare their contact details and nationality/residency. The applicant and the respective NAC will automatically receive a confirmation of such FAI Permission. 

FAI Secretariat sets a fee of 10 CHF for the listing in the FAI Sporting License database as holder of an FAI permission for Drone Racing. This FAI Drone Permission can be ordered here: http://www.droneracing.aero/

The official reference will be the FAI Sporting Licence database. So, it is strongly recommended that the organizer checks prior to the contest (as soon as a competitor registers for the contest) that each competitor is registered in the FAI Sporting Licence database with a valid licence or permission for the year. Organizers can check that a competitor holds a valid FAI Drone Permission or FAI Sporting License here: www.fai.org/about-fai/fai-sporting-licences    For the password please contact it@fai.org

For any questions, please contact drones@fai.org   or +41 21 345 1070 during CET office hours.

Note: If an organizer is finally in the situation where some competitors are present without a valid FAI Sporting Licence (or FAI Permission ), then it is important that they do not compete for the World Cup contest. In that situation, the organizer may organize separate rounds for the competitors without a valid FAI licence, with specific results and placing different from the World Cup ones. It is important to assume that competitors without a FAI licence does not fly with those who have a FAI licence and who compete for the World Cup because in order to avoid a risk of protest arguing that the problem comes from a non valid competitor.

FAI Jury

According to FAI Sporting Code Volume ABR paragraph B.4.3, the 3 members of the FAI Jury for an Open International event (including World Cup contests) must be from at least two different nations and have a common language. The jury must include at least one person approved by his own NAC and the other two members may be assigned by the organizer.

For contests which involve a single class (which is the case of the F3U World Cup contests), one or two jury members may be nominated from the competitors; in that case, an alternate jury member must also be nominated for each competitor jury member, to serve on the jury when considering any protest involving that competitor jury member. The members must be chosen so that at all times the jury meets the requirements of two different nations and common language.

The FAI Jury must submit a report within one month of the contest.

Official results

The official results and the report signed by the President of the FAI Jury must be transmitted to the World Cup Coordinator as soon as the contest is finished.

On the official results, it is necessary to mention precisely the following information: family name (in capital letters), first name, Junior when appropriate, country which has delivered the FAI sporting Licence and  FAI Licence ID Number (as mentioned in the FAI Sporting Licence database).

Note: In FPV Racing, many competitors use a pseudo so take care to get their first name and family name (last name) as mentioned on their FAI Sporting Licence.

World Cup coordinator

Bruno DELOR - delor.bruno@gmail.com

Points allocation

In a contest, points for the World Cup will only be allocated if the competitors who have completed a flight are from at least three different countries.

The points to be allocated to competitors depend on the number (N) of competitors who have completed at least one flight in the event. Points are allocated to the competitors who have completed at least one flight in the event, according to their placing in the results, as defined in the rules.

FAI World Cup trophy, medals and diplomas

The winner is awarded the title of the winner of the World Cup.

The top three best placed of the World Cup receive a FAI medal and a FAI diploma which are delivered during the CIAM Plenary Meeting of the following year (usually in April in Lausanne / Switzerland).

Tthe winner is also awarded the FAI Drone Racing World Cup Trophy which is a permanent CIAM trophy donated by Fédération Française d'AéromoModélisme (FFAM.

FAI Drone_Racing_WC_Trophy