Asian Beach Games Test event for Paragliding Accuracy, Thailand, Phuket



2013 was a very active year for paragliding accuracy in Asia. In addition to numerous FAI Cat 2 sanctioned events, towards the end of 2013 two significant test competitions were organized: the first for 2nd FAI Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Malaysia and the second, for the air sports events within the Asian Beach Games. 

In this multi-sport event three air sports were invited to participate: Paragliding Accuracy, Paramotoring and Aeromodelling. Each ran their test competitions successfully.  It was the first time in Thailand that a tow launch Paragliding Accuracy competition was organized.


The competition was organized by RASAT (Thailand) in partnership with FAI (Federation Aeronautical International). FAI officials and experts from Netherlands, Serbia and Lithuania were involved in the organization of this competition. The same international organizing team will work in November 2014 for the Paraliding Accuracy element of the Asian Beach Games.  

 46 pilots from 6 nations (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Kazakhstan) participated in the Asian Beach Game Test Event for Paragliding Accuracy. Next year about 100 pilots are expected from more than 10 countries.


Standard equipment in a Paragliding Accuracy competition is an electronic target pad: a pressure sensitive measuring device of 30cm in diameter. The point of firmest pressure is measured and displayed, from 0 (dead centre) to 15cm.  The best score of 00 points is every pilot’s aim, but for this, they must land, foot first, on the 3cm  center disc.  It is very easy to overshoot, (try it yourself by jumping from the sofa!).  Around the pad, circles are marked out at 0.5m, 5m and 10m intervals. Landings off the pad are marked and measured by Judges. The maximum 1000 point score is awarded if a pilot lands outside this 10m circle or if he falls over. 


During this competition period in Thailand, 4 competition rounds were flown.

Prizes were awarded in individual, women and teams categories.

A separate category for Thailand’s pilots was also awarded prizes.


In the individual men’s ranking all medals were won by Thailand pilots.

Men individual

  • 1st  place - Adul Singtui (THA) – 124 points
  • 2nd place - Tanaapat Luangiam (THA) – 138 points
  • 3rd place - Phompiriya Tpeanthong(THA) – 253 points


In the individual women’s ranking gold and bronze medals were awarded to Thailand girls, and the silver was won by an Indonesian women pilot.

Women individual

  • 1st place - Nunnapat Phuchong (THA) - 39 points
  • 2nd place - Milawati Sirin ( IND) -145 points
  • 3rd place - Chantika Chaisanuk (THA) – 193 points


It’s interesting to note, and not at all typical for Paragliding Accuracy, that the overall gold medal winner was Thailand’s female champion!

Overall individual

  • 1st place - Nunnapat Phuchong (THA) - 39 points
  • 2nd place -  Adul Singtui (THA) – 124 points
  • 3rd place - Tanaapat Luangiam (THA) – 138 points


Teams medals were awarded to Indonesia and Thailand.


Violeta Masteikiene

(Photo : Nunnapat Phuchong, Thailand - More photos here.)