Annecy World Hang Gliding: Qualification Criteria and Number of Pilots



In 2011, the qualification criteria for all Category 1 hang gliding events were modified by the Plenary. The idea was to make criteria harder, so safety would be improved. Unfortunately, the Plenary did not realize that the new requirements, if adapted to Class 1 championships, are just not working for Class 2, 5 and Sport, and for Women Class 1 specific championships.

Somehow, no one involved in the writing of the local regulations for the coming Annecy FAI World Hang Gliding championships realized it either.

Since the publication of the local regulations, CIVL has been made aware of the problem. The Bureau asked the Hang Gliding Committee its opinion. The Bureau and Committee agreed that we should act swiftly. Hence the Bureau has decided to modify the championships local regulations as follow, based on the pre-2011 qualification criteria.

Point 5 – Eligibility to compete” now reads :

 "Qualification criteria for all pilots wishing to compete in the championships are:

- If the competitor's country issues pilot licences for hang gliding the pilot must hold a valid licence appropriate to the glider to be flown.

- Each competitor shall hold a valid FAI sporting licence issued by his own NAC. Competitors from prospective FAI member countries may use a licence issued by the FAI Secretary General.

- Each competitor shall have competed in a Category 1 hang gliding event in the four years before the qualifying date, or placed in the top 2/3rds of pilots in a Category 2 hang gliding event during the 3 years prior to the Category 1 Championship.

Exception to eligibility to compete

As per Section 7A 3.5."


The Bureau would also like to underline...

...that the local regulations state : "The Championships are open to all Member and Associated Member countries of the FAI who may enter any number of pilots not exceeding 10."

This must be understood as: 10 pilots per country per class.