After a slow start...



After a slow start with a challenging practice round and then high winds, the competition proper started on the Wednesday with a very long working day for the officials let alone the competitors…

Five (5) rounds were successfully completed, albeit with a couple of hiccups due to a prolonged stand down due a thunder storm. The last round included numerous scores under 10cms due to the ideal calm weather conditions and was completed with the target and gliders illuminated by the late evening sun and the backdrop of a beautiful rainbow. Completion of the fifth round has allowed competitors to drop their worst score changing several ranking positions. Mateus Sluga of Slovenia is currently the leading pilot, chased very closely by Victor Buchkov (Bulagria) and Jaka Gorenc (Slovenia) in second and third individual positions respectively.  Marketa Tomaskova of the Czech Republic leads the ladies with Tamara Kostic (Serbia) and Rimante Verbylaite-Tzolova (Lithuania) close behind.  The Czech Republic is currently the leading Team.

Rain has wiped out Wednesday’s competition and everyone is awaiting direction from the Event Director for Thursday’s programme. Whilst the weather forecast is not too promising, there is a small chance for flying in the morning.

 Top photo: Rimante Verbylaite-Tzolova on finals… a rainbow coloured canopy?



Dragan Popov from Serbia reaching for 5 centimetres




Aart de Harder (Netherlands) awaits launch