Welcome to the CIVL Competition Timeline



The CIVL Competition Timeline allows you to visualize in a practical all sanctioned events but also some of our not yet sanctioned main competitions.

It allows competition organizers to better planify their events around the ‘big’ competitions and pilots to better plan their season.

Only CIVL Bureau can allow an event that is not yet sanctioned to be on the CIVL Competition Timeline.

Please be aware that the CIVL Competition Timeline is NOT the official calendar. It is only a tool for organizers and pilots.


The CIVL Competition Timeline display 4 rows, one for each major CIVL discipline:

  • Paragliding XC in red shades
  • Hang Gliding XC in yellow shades
  • Paragliding Accuracy in green shades
  • Paragliding Aerobatics in blue shades

Each shade come in 3 intensities

  • Dark: 1st Category Events
  • Medium: 2nd Category Events Sanctioned
  • Light: 2nd Category Events Not Sanctioned

When you hover your mouse over the name of an event, a pop up shows you the basic information. To see more information, click on the event’s name.

We hope this tool will be helpful for all of you!