2018 Hang gliding Euro to take place in Krushevo



CIVL is happy to announce that Krushevo (FYR Macedonia) will host the 20th FAI European Hang gliding Class 1 championship from August 5 till 17, 2018.

As you may have heard, Ager, Spain, who had won the bid for 2018 has resigned so we are glad that Macedonian hang gliding events organizers stepped forward to take over the contest.

It will be organized by the same team who successfully held the 19th European Hang gliding Class 1 and 7th World Hang-gliding Class 5 championships in 2016, with Event Director Ivan Lukanov and Meet Director Goran Dimiskovski.

Krushevo is a reckoned European flying site with cheap fine accommodation and over 300 flying days a year. It’s take off, Meckin Kamen, has two spacious launch grounds covering all East and West wind directions that can accommodate 130–150 pilots. The valley offers interesting 150 km routes all over Pelagonija region. This flying site has also hosted a European championships in Paragliding, a number of PWC events and a lot of Second category competitions.

Since this place already held two First Category events last year, no test event is necessary. Still, the Second category event that they will hold in 2017 will get a status of "Pre-Euro".

Pre-Event for Class 1 European Hang gliding Championship will take place on July 08-15, 2017 and will be open to all pilots (both foreign and domestic).

Registration will be open shortly.