Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero…

Tone5 s

We are talking of very cool precision Paragliding flying skills here and not in terms of temperature!
Anton Svoljsak of Slovenia has seen off the chasing competition of Permadi Chandra (Indonesia), Jirasak Witeetham (Thailand) and Tomaš Lednik (Czech Republic), all tied at three consecutive zero – a World Record already – and has achieved one more zero, four consecutive!, by landing on a 2 centimetres diameter target at the 9th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Vlora, Albania.

Each competitor’s landing is measured precisely by electronic equipment so there is no doubting the incredible skills needed to achieve this record.
The smooth flying conditions with onshore winds at this event’s coastal location have contributed to a general amazingly high quality of flying skills, with numerous zero scores and a very high proportion of the competitors landing on the electronic pad.
We are now looking forward to see whether there might be a fifth zero to add to this unbelievable achievement.

Anton achieving his fourth consecutive zero score of the competition

Antob 1s

Anton providing the acceptance signature for his score with the Chief Judge, Dusan Gorenc and Meet Director, Zlatko Spirkoski.