PG Worlds Opening ceremony - record manifestation for Monteavena 2017!


It will be one of the most spectacular moments of this World Championship ... it will begin from the streets of Feltre outside the walls and climb up to Piazza Maggiore. More than 400 people will be  involved in the great manifestation!

The two processions will start from both ends of the town and will lead towards the majestic arch of Imperial Gate around 19.30 on 2d July 2017, to begin the climb that will lead to the foot of the church of San Rocco.

The participants - pilots of the 48 countries will be escorted by the knights of the 4 districts of the Palio and the flag and drum players of the City of Feltre. A fascinating and iconic way to welcome international guests, highlighting all the history and traditions that Feltre has to offer, framed by the magnificent frescoes of the Mezzaterra street palaces.

The official presentation of the teams will begin at around 20.00 in Piazza Maggiore, which will be perfectly visible by everyone thanks to two maxi ledwall at the sides of the stage, which will not stop even when they will start dancing with the groove of Maci's Mobile. A video-projection show on the walls of the palaces of Piazza Maggiore will tell you the story of the free flignts  -  an unforgettable atmosphere when the sky gets dark and the mind opens to dreams.

The organization of the 15th FAI World Paragliding Championship keeps staging stunning events. So its event presentaion that took place on June 28th was blessed by world famous "Freccie Tre Colori". An aero-acro group that passed over Feltre to greet Paragliding World Championship!



Monteavena 2017 Openning ceremony will be a magic night, not to be missed.

More info: http://www.monteavena2017.org/