Monte Avena 2017 now undoubtedly is a valid World Paragliding Championship!

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After 3 valid tasks of 15th FAI World Paragliding Championship more than 100 pilots have got over 1500 points. The first five even exceed 1900. 

In fact the competition was valid even after 2d task. But due to -25% rule no participant actually got these 1500 available points. Stephane Malbos, Jury President clarifies: “ Section 7 Common says that Cross Country Competition becomes valid if at least 1500 points must have been available or awarded. They were already available yesterday. Now they are also awarded”.

Today an interesting task of 118 km was set but a thunderstorm on the way made all pilots land before the second turn point. Still the task is valid and we have winners. The first three in Overall are Stefan Wyss (SUI), Idris Birch(GBR), Xevi Bonet Dalmau (ESP) the first in Women is Seiko Fukuoka Naville – a defendining champion!

The total results after 3 tasks for the teams rank the 1st place to France, the second to Slovenia and the third to Italy. These results are not surprising – all three countries are bordering on the Alps and have similar flying conditions. The first in overall are Pierre Remy (FRA), Honorin Hamard (FRA) and Dusan Oroz (SLO).
It is remarkable to note that traditional Alpine domination in Women classification is broken by a pilotess from the opposite side of the Earth. Kari Ellis, an Australian pilotess got the third place, leaving behind other favorites. The first and second belong to Seiko Fukuoka Naville and Silvia Buzzi Ferraris (ITA).

We hope to see more interesting flights.

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Beautiful photos of the article are courtesy of Azoom Martin Scheel.

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