20th FAI World HG Class 2 Championship has launched in Haute Alpes.



The event will run till August 6, 2017 in Aspres-sur-Buëch (France) the main competition place. It is organized by ADPUL - an airsports association whose object is the development of the ultra-light glider.

It was created thanks to the impulse of the best world pilots of the category and is now supported by the whole sporting family. It is a relatively young association (two years) but which brings together a concentrate of unique experiences in the world.

Class 2 hang gliders are ultra-light gliders with possibility of foot launch as well as towing. The main advantage of the class is enjoying hang gliding type mobility in soaring with a glider like aircraft.
The Ultra-light gliders used in the World Championship are SwiftLight or Archaeopteryx which weight is 70kg without the pilot. The stall speed of these gliders are roughly 35km/h, and the maximum speed 120km/h. The minimum sink rate is 0,6 meters per second. The take off method used at the Worlds is aerotowing by ultra-light motor trike. The participation this year is very limited – there are 9 pilots from 3 countries, though it has traditionally been like that – previous championship in Annecy in 2014 has got 13 pilots from 7 countries. Class 2 tends to be elite sport practiced by a limited number of fans, still it presents a most peculiar trend in aerodesign development.


If you are interested in learning more about Class 2 gliders you can refer to our article with an interview of Michel Pate, the Meet Director of 20th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 Championship.

The Opening Ceremony has taken place at Aérodrome du Chevalet. The introductory speeches were made by Pascal Lanser and Jacques Bott explaining the origin of ADPUL and the decision to organize the World Championship in Aspres sur Buech. In addressing the flying community Pascal says: “The practice of free flight is a very ecological activity, it only appeals to the intelligence of the pilot and the weather conditions. A real contact with nature which corresponds to the sportsmanship of the Hautes-Alpes department and the PACA region in its entirety. We therefore appeal to all good will to help us in this adventure. We want to convey this environmentally friendly spirit of the environment, which makes an important contribution to the dynamic and environmental image of the region, its businesses and its communities. Do not miss this event and come to participate with your messages and your image, we will carry them high across all the Alps.”
The competition received a warm welcome by local authorities.
At the opening ceremony the participants were greeted by the following officials:
Mme Françoise Pinet, Mayor of Aspres sur Buech.
Mr Daniel Galand Vice-Président conseil départemental des Hautes-Alpes, responsable des sports.
Mr Marc Ventre Vice-Président du Communauté de commune du Buech Dévoluy, Conseiller municipal de Veynes et bMembre du Directoire de l’Addet 05
Mr Christian Aubert Conseiller municipal de Veynes.
Mr Christian Aubert DGAC responsable des aérodromes.
Mme Dominique Géraud-Coulon Responsable Sports Aérien au CDOS des Hautes-Alpes
Mr Alain Etienne Membre du bureau directeur de la FFVL et Vice-Président du CND
Mr Stéphane Malbos Président du CIVL de la FAI.



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