CIVL Bureau at Vrsac, Serbia



CIVL Bureau has begun it's autumn session that takes place in Vrsac, Serbia. It will study the problems that the sport has come across in 2017 and if necessary take decisions to make rules more correct and simple to follow.


Stephane Malbos - CIVL President

Goran Dimiskovski - Vice-President 

Igor Erzen - Vice-President

Zeljko Ovuka - Vice-President 

Jamie Shelden - Vice-President

Andy Cowley - Treasurer

Mitchell Shipley - Secretary

Riikka Vilkuna - Paragliding Accuracy Committee Chair

Elena Filonova - CIVL Administrator



Adrian Thomas - Paragliding Committee Chair

Claudio Cattaneo - Paragliding Aerobatics Chair.


During 4 days it will work upon the following agenda.

1. Review of championships and test events:
Albania – May 5 to 14 – PG Accu World
Thailand – May 22 to 28 – PG Accu Test Asian Oceanian
Italy– July 1 to 15 – PG XC World
Macedonia – July 9 to 15 – HG XC Test Euro
Portugal - July 22 to 29 –PG XC Test Euro
France – July 24 to August 6 – HG Class 2 World
Brazil – August 6 to 19 – HG Class 1 World
Indonesia – August 11 to 14 – XC Test Asian Games XC
Slovenia - September 20 to 24 –PG Accu Test Euro

2. Cat 1 issues
Pilots switching nationalities.Pilots with no online Sporting Licences. Registration organisation and controls. Anti-Doping controls.

3. Cat 2 issues
Turkey – Korea – India – France –Countries with no NAC.

4. Sporting Licences
What they mean in Cat 1 and Cat 2. Who controls them and when. Current discussions within FAI. Consequences on rankings. Need top rewrite our rules.

5. Special Events
Asian Games. Olympic Games. Air Games Tour. A PG World Championship for people with handicaps.

6. Jury and Stewards
Requirements. List. Stipends. Stewards and Jurors 2018 and 2019.

7. Safety
Report. Section 7 requirements.

8. Hang gliding &Paragliding
Live tracking. Live scoring. Approved instrument requirements and list. Guidelines for GAP use. Airspace penalties.

9. Hang gliding Cross Country
Brazil Women’s World cancellation.Task quality.

10. Paragliding Cross Country
CCC certification 2019 requirements. Crowding. Cloud flying before start. Tolerance on turnpoints. Leading points %. Championships per weight iso championships Men/Women?

11. Paragliding Accuracy
Cat 1s. Cat 2s. Records. New targets. Scoring system. Equipment. New countries. Judging/officials register. ARISF funding. Judging training. Officials FAI sporting licence. AGT and Asian Games. Basecamp effectiveness.

12. Paragliding Aerobatic
Report. Financing.

13. Database for CIVL Officials
Cross disciplines. FAI licences for Officials.

14. Communication
FAI new website. FaceBook. CIVL new logo.

15. Plenaries
In Porto.In Lausanne.

16. Finances
Report. Budget. Analytical budget.