What’s up this summer of 2014…


… beside this horrible European summer (according to a Swiss newspaper, the worst since 1965 – our picture)?

 Well, some got lucky and had enough good weather to validate their World Championships. This was Hang Gliding Class 1 Women, 2, 5 and Sport and it was in Annecy, France. There is a link there to organisers’ website for everything and more including nice portrait gallery and videos.

Another lucky one, and not only lucky but plain GREAT, is Bill Moyes, one of the fathers of our sport, who was awarded by FAI its highest distinction: the Gold Air Medal. Bill is there now, on the Big Book next to Lindbergh, Sikorsky and Gagarin. Well deserved, Bill!

Since the February 2014 Plenary in Bali, Indonesia, we published series of reports on said Plenary and also the Minutes in the Document chapter of our website.

Later, to be found in the same pages, we finalized:

  • the new CIVL Competition Class (CCC) requirements for paragliders. They needed a few adjustments so controls would be reliable.
  • the new Section 7 Sporting Codes, A, B, C & D.
  • the new CIVL GAP document: it is gathering in one single text what was spread in too many chapters of Section 7.

Then Frenchman Denis Cortella was trusted to control gliders at the coming European and Pan-American Championships. This will serve two different purposes: make sure that EN gliders used this season are in conformity with EN measurements; test the CCC measurements procedure and tolerances and propose new adjustments if needed.

What else?...

  • The next World Air Game will be staged in 2015 in Dubai. Paragliders Aerobatic and Accuracy should be part of it.
  • The Paragliders European Championship is starting… tomorrow. But this is another story…