What's Up With The New CCC Paragliders?



The Plenary voted unanimously in favour of the CIVL Competition Class (CCC) paraglider requirements update.

The CIVL Competition Class (CCC) document concerning paragliders permitted in FAI Category 1 Cross Country events is an intricate 41-page text.


Modifications proposed by the Paragliding Committee and amendments made during the Plenary by the CCC Working Group cannot be fully shown and explained in this minutes. The document has to be carefully updated and cross-examined before it is published.

The principles were clearly defined, though, and proposed to the Plenary. The Bureau has been given power to adjust the document as seen fit to fulfil the purpose of the intent.

The new new CIVL Competition Class definition can be summarized as follows:

  • Use full EN certification (EN 926-1 and EN 926-2) as the basis.
  • Additionally restrict top speed by limiting the maximum accelerator effect to 14 cm maximum A-B difference (5 mm tolerance).
  • Additionally restrict aspect ratio to the maximum flat aspect ratio exhibited by EN certified gliders by December 31, 2013 (7.90).
  • Additionally require riser sets with a mandatory 140mm limiter (tolerance 5 mm).
  • 23G theoretical load test, minimum line strength 40daN.
  • Forego flight tests that are irrelevant to this class of gliders.
  • Require flight tests by an independent accredited test organization on the XS (maximum take-off-weight 90 kg) sized gliders and permit manufacturer self-certification of other sizes of the glider designed by linear scaling from the XS.
  • Reduce the time permitted after pilot input until glider recovery from 5 seconds to maximum 3 seconds.
  • Require flight tests to be conducted at the top of a wing’s weight range.
  • Require flight tests to be conducted at trim speed and at a set higher speed defined by a certification limiter that restricts maximum A-B riser travel to between 100 mm and 105 mm.
  • Require the user’s manual to contain additional information on the paraglider’s operation and maintenance.
  • Add clear, precise and simple-to-follow measurements and testing procedures to verify a wing’s conformity with certification.
  • Additionally, in order to be allowed in an FAI Category 1 event, CIVL Competition Class certified paragliders must be available in the XS (maximum take off weight 90 kg or less) at least 90 days before and in any other sizes at least 60 days before the start of the FAI Category 1 event.

The definition becomes effective 1 October 2016.

The CIVL Competition class definition is scheduled for revision approximately every two years. The CIVL Bureau can approve modifications outside of this regular revision cycle.