What’s Up With the 2017 Salzburg Plenary?


The CIVL Plenary took part in Salzburg, Austria, from February 2 to 5, 2017. Thirty-five countries were present or represented by 50 or so delegates, alternate delegates, FAI representants, competition bidders and observers. The first two days were booked by Bureau and ‘Open’ meetings, the last two by the plenary itself.

39 points were on the agenda, supported by 50+ annexes. The global result is very positive and will be detailed here in due time. No revolution but a lot of small adjustments show that we’ve reached some stability in the development of our sport, even as we facing important issues. Quite a bit of time was spent on one of our most serious topics: our software ‘vision’, how to implement it, and the future of GAP and FS. No final decision was taken but the Bureau was given a free hand to move things forward. FAI and Naviter should be closely involved. More later here in a specific ‘What’s Up?’

2019 World championships venues were chosen:

  • Paragliding XC will be in Krushevo, Macedonia (FYR).
  • Paragliding Accuracy will be in Vrsac, Serbia.
  • Hang Gliding was chosen last year and will be in Friuli Vanzia Giulia, Italy

Eight awards were given:

The CIVL Hang gliding Diploma went to Donnita Hall (USA).

The CIVL Pepe Lopes Medal went to Ben Philpott (GBR).

For organizing our 2016 championships, FAI Air Sport Medals went to: Sport Club Cross Country XSC, FYR Macedonia - Goran Dimiskovski, FYR Macedonia - Hang Gliding and Paragliding Sports Federation, Lithuania - Sport Club ALGA, Kazakhstan - Les Chamois Volants, France.

Another FAI Air Sport Medal went to the Paragliding World Cup Association (PWCA) for "no other organizers have done as much as its officials and pilots for paragliding cross-country competitions."

The Bureau members and Committee Chairs were elected for a two years term:

  • President: Stephane Malbos
  • Vice-President: Goran Dimikowski, Igor Erzen, Zeljko Ovuka, Jamie Shelden
  • Secretary: Mitch Shipley
  • Financial Secretary: Andrew Cawley
  • Hang-Gliding Committee: Jamie Shelden
  • Paragliding XC Committee: Adrian Thomas
  • Paragliding Accuracy Committee: Riikka Vilkuna
  • Paragliding Aerobatic Committee: Claudio Cattaneo

The new Bureau then appointed:

  • Safety Officer: Mitch Shipley
  • Records and Badges Officer: Igor Erzen
  • Jury and Stewards Officer: Jamie Shelden
  • Communication Officer: Stephane Malbos
  • Asia Liaison Officer for the Asian Games 2018: Elsa Mai

Thanks to all participants for their work and dedication!

The 2018 Plenary will take place in Porto, Portugal, from February 1 to 4.